Day: June 24, 2020

Illegal lockdown parties hosted in online rentals

Lockdown parties hosted in properties booked via online sites, including Airbnb and, are putting “communities at risk”, the Bed and Breakfast Association has said.

Hosts and residents have complained of groups of up to 30 breaking social-distancing rules and taking drugs.

BBC News has been told of several such parties in the past month.

Airbnb has suggested it has gone further than its rivals to protect public health during the pandemic.

However, last week a man was stabbed at a party in a south London property police believe had been rented out via the platform.

‘Take responsibility’

Following a previous BBC News investigation into “coronavirus retreats”, Airbnb had told users they could make bookings if they were key workers or required “essential stays” only.

But that restriction is to be lifted, in line with local rules on hotels and self-catering accommodation, in:

Rival platform does not currently flag

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Online Summer Classes Discounted for Coronavirus

Keep learning from home this summer.

Online classes can teach learners of any age new skills, aid in a career transition or offer an accessible way to explore a new topic. This summer, some online platforms — including those that provide massive open online courses, or MOOCs — are offering discounts to users because of the coronavirus pandemic. Even as states begin to lift stay-at-home orders, many families will remain close to home this summer and millions of Americans are still unemployed or facing reduced hours at work. Consider browsing the online classes on these platforms this summer to make use of any free time and pick up some new skills or credentials.


Since June 1, Coursera, an online learning platform, has offered free access to more than 3,800 courses and numerous guided projects, specializations and certificates for current undergraduate or graduate students and recent graduates. Students must enroll

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A Year of Magical Thinking

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LONDON — It took Fabienne Lupo less than six weeks to transform the Watches & Wonders, an annual display of watch brands from Compagnie Financière Richemont, and other high-end makers into a digital rendezvous for exhibitors, their clients, and the media.

The gallerist Lyndsey Ingram crafted a lineup of virtual, selling exhibitions in just 10 days as her gallery was shutting down in London due to anti-COVID-19 quarantine measures. Stewart Clarke, creative director of the Edinburgh International Television Festival, one of the top media events in the U.K., is in the hot seat right now, thinking of ways to conjure the same buzz and spontaneity of a real live festival, online.

Masterpiece, the annual London fair that draws high-end art, jewelry, furniture, design and antiques galleries to the verdant grounds of Royal Hospital Chelsea, is taking place this week as an online event

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If black lives matter, now is not the time to abandon the jury system

The new Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Burnett, at the Royal Courts of Justice: PA
The new Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Burnett, at the Royal Courts of Justice: PA

A few decades ago, I was lucky enough (or depending how you see it, unlucky enough) to perform jury service. It was at times a rather surreal experience – one that taught me as much about our social order as it did about our justice system – and how they influence each other. It felt a bit like a university group project but with random strangers instead of a group of like-minded colleagues.

The random people in my 12 included: a super-assertive white male investment banker, a born-again Christian Nigerian woman who at the start of deliberations tearfully remembered the biblical requirement not to judge (“lest thee be judged” she reliably informed us), a morally upstanding white hippie who would go outside to smoke weed during the breaks, three rather quiet women, multiple 50-something “my

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Your favorite apps might be sharing too much about you. Here’s how to make sure they don’t.

Yes, it's possible everyone knows exactly how many times you've listened to the same sad song on a loop since you broke up with your ex.
Yes, it’s possible everyone knows exactly how many times you’ve listened to the same sad song on a loop since you broke up with your ex.
Yes, it’s possible everyone knows exactly how many times you’ve listened to the same sad song on a loop since you broke up with your ex. (Oleg Magni/Unsplash/)

In our modern age, you can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your privacy online. That means knowing exactly what you’re sharing on the web, and with whom.

Even if you think you know what you’ve put out there and what you haven’t, it’s important to check once in a while. You might be posting out personal information without even realizing it.

And this information takes all sorts of forms—not just your idle thoughts on Twitter and Facebook, but also your Spotify playlists, YouTube uploads, fitness data, and more.

Your music playlists

Sharing a

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Florida reports a new single-day record of more than 5,500 coronavirus cases

Florida’s Department of Health on Wednesday confirmed 5,508 additional cases of COVID-19, setting another daily total record high since the start of the pandemic. The state now has a total of 109,014 confirmed cases.

Previously, the highest daily total of newly confirmed cases was on Saturday, with 4,049. There were also 44 new deaths announced Wednesday, raising the statewide death toll to 3,281.

Alberto Moscoso, a spokesman for Florida’s Department of Health, confirmed the totals to the Miami Herald on Wednesday. His confirmation comes a day after discrepancies were noted in Tuesday’s total number of cases and deaths.

Florida’s Department of Health publishes its COVID-19 data primarily in three different formats: a COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard, an online summary document and a “case line” data portal.

On Tuesday, the total number of cases and deaths in the state reported on the dashboard and the online summary document did not

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Marta Pozzan Fosters Mental Health With a Little Help From VR

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The coronavirus pandemic has not only scuppered global economies and the entire fashion industry, it has also left customers in the grip of anxiety and fear.

During the months of lockdown enforced in almost every country, the online world promised to represent a safe haven for people in quarantine to spend their time scrolling down their Instagram feeds, and hopefully find some inspiring and enlivening content.

Marta Pozzan, an Italian influencer who moved to Los Angeles eight years ago to attend an acting class and has stayed there ever since, understood that, as a content creator, her role should and could be to address topics and subjects that felt more intimate and meaningful. Tapping into new means and technologies — including VR — in a quest not only for diversification but also for the spread of positive messages also emerged as a priority.

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Aguero has knee surgery; Guardiola to focus on FA Cup

Sergio Aguero has had knee surgery, Man City confirmed.

Aguero, 32, travelled to Barcelona to meet with a specialist after he injured his left knee in the 5-0 win against Burnley on Monday.

In an innocuous incident where he won a penalty kick right on half time, Aguero was clipped by Ben Mee and hobbled off the pitch immediately.

Guardiola revealed that Aguero had been struggling with a knee injury and when asked if the Argentina striker will be ready for the Champions League games in August he said he didn’t know.

Aguero sent out a message from his hospital bed in Barcelona, saying the surgery was a success.

“Everything went well and I will soon start with the recovery. Thank you very much to Dr. Cugat and his team and to all for so much support,” Aguero said.

This is a big blow for Man City. To lose your

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How To Navigate The First Kiss During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Debbie C., a self-employed 20-something from Washington, D.C., had a standard criteria for men she was dating prior to the coronavirus pandemic: Has he been married ― and if so, for how long? Are they officially divorced? Does he want children? Does he have children? Is he voting for Donald Trump? Does he have a soul patch? 

Three months into the pandemic, Debbie’s list has gotten a lot more complicated. New, safety-minded questions have come up: Who does he live with? Do any of his roommates work in a hospital or at a grocery store? Has he been to the hospital in the last three weeks? Who has he interacted with in person in the last few months? Is a mask-wearer? 

Even if a man does squeak by Debbie’s criteria, she isn’t raring to go on a first date anytime soon (even if she admits to being a little sexually

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Court Ruling on Price Transparency Unsettles Hospital Stocks

On Jun 23, the Federal court verdict upheld The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)  plan on Improving Price and Quality Transparency in American Healthcare, which went against the American Hospital Association (AHA).

The essence of the ruling is to disclose publicly the prices negotiated between hospitals and insurers in order to promote competition and reduce costs.

The Rules at a Glance

The set of rules requires hospitals to make the negotiated rates they charge insurers for medical services and prescription drugs available in the public domain. It also directs hospitals to make prices for healthcare services, such as common tests and procedures, available online beginning 2021. Hospitals will display the price band of shoppable services as a total package in an easy-to-read, consumer-friendly format.

The proposal also requires insurance companies offering group and individual coverage to provide cost estimates for enrollees up front so that patients are

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