Beware of Fake Shark Tank Trial Supplements

10/17/2020, Denver // KISSPR //

According to a host of recent statistical data, the relationship between ABC’s famous reality TV show Shark Tank and Keto diet pills seems to be at an all-time high. For those of our readers who may not be aware, Shark Tank is a television-based investment platform designed for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to several seasoned venture capitalists (like Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary) and take their business ideas to the next level.

In this regard, while there have been quite a few health and fitness-related products that have been introduced in front of the judges’ panel as part of Shark Tank, there has only ever been one keto diet supplement brand to grace the program. However, if one were to do a quick search online, it would appear as though there have been numerous such supplements that made their way onto the show. So in

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Cross-party coalition seeks revamp of legislation to crack down on fake cancer cures

Arabella Vanneck, was the victim of unscrupulous medical practitioner who told her a fluorescent dye could be injected and then bombarded with ultraviolet light - Picasa
Arabella Vanneck, was the victim of unscrupulous medical practitioner who told her a fluorescent dye could be injected and then bombarded with ultraviolet light – Picasa

Radical measures to protect the public from fake cancer treatments are under review by the Government, The Telegraph can reveal.

A cross-party coalition of MPs has united in a bid to overhaul the 81-year-old Act of Parliament that authorities currently rely upon to police against deadly cancer-cure propaganda.

The Telegraph understands ministers have discussed expanding the Cancer Act 1939 on numerous fronts – including the policing of medically unproven diagnostics, the prohibition of dangerous treatments, and tighter crackdowns on social media posts.

MPs across the political divide have joined forces over fears that a backlog in cancer treatments during the Covid-19 crisis will lead to an uptick in people seeking dangerous alternative treatments.

Modernisation of the Act will prove to be a “great weapon”

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Twitter gets tough on hydroxychloroquine, fake cures; Cuomo gets hot over The Chainsmokers concert

President Donald Trump called the Senate Republicans’ coronavirus economic stimulus package “semi-relevant” as the U.S. approaches 150,000 COVID-19 deaths Wednesday. The president told reporters Tuesday the $1 trillion package proposal has provisions that he doesn’t support.

Twitter continued a crackdown on tweets about fake cures that has already ensnared the president. This time, Madonna got called out.

The three state’s with the biggest populations – California, Texas and Florida – all set records for deaths in a week. In Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown announced students in most counties will likely not return to in-person classroom instruction this fall as counties must report 10 or fewer new cases per 100,000 residents over seven days.

Here are some significant developments:

📈 Today’s numbers: The U.S. is nearing 150,000 deaths and has reported over 4.3 million cases of the coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University. Worldwide, there have been over 660,000 deaths and

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Tsunami of fake news hurts Latin America’s effort to fight coronavirus

<span>Photograph: Martín Mejía/AP</span>
Photograph: Martín Mejía/AP

For months Gustavo Andrade has been battling to convince his parishioners to take Covid-19 seriously.

Related: Desperate Bolivians seek out toxic bleach falsely touted as Covid-19 cure

“This town is full of infected people. Two or three die every day,” said the priest, from the town of Venustiano Carranza in southern Mexico.

Yet for all Andrade’s efforts, many locals remain unconvinced. “Their understanding is that these deaths are from the poison the mayor is spraying as part of the anti-dengue fumigation,” he said.

The culprit for the confusion is fake news.

As Latin America battles the advance of Covid-19, which has now claimed more than 160,000 lives in the region, it is also fending off a tsunami of online disinformation designed to bamboozle and deceive.

From the Mexican state of Chiapas to Ceará in Brazil, social networks are awash with quack cures and fantastical conspiracies that can

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Coronavirus fake news causing patients to refuse hospital admission, medics tell MPs

Patients have been 'afraid' to come to hospital and are instead trying 'alternative remedies' they have read about online - AFP
Patients have been ‘afraid’ to come to hospital and are instead trying ‘alternative remedies’ they have read about online – AFP

Coronavirus patients are refusing to be admitted to hospital because of fake news messages on WhatsApp saying doctors will kill them, frontline medics have warned MPs.

Dr Megan Emma Smith, a senior consultant anesthetist, said she was seeing patients arrive at hospital “unbelievably sick” because social media misinformation had frightened them into not coming or into trying quack remedies instead.

Appearing before the culture select committee on Thursday, a 111 operator also warned that misleading posts about Covid-19 had “eroded” public trust in the NHS and said he was having to convince callers that doctors and nurses were “on their side”.

The comments came as MPs investigated the impact of fake news during the pandemic and what measures social media giants are taking to suppress potentially deadly misinformation.


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