10 deals on top-selling apps on sale for the 10.10 shopping holiday

MarketWatch has highlighted these products and services because we think readers will find them useful.

MarketWatch has highlighted these products and services because we think readers will find them useful. This content is independent of the MarketWatch newsroom and we may receive a commission if you buy products through links in this article.

If you thought Amazon was the only retailer slashing their prices this week, then think again. Many other brands are creating their own versions of Prime Day, meaning you can enjoy steep discounts even if you aren’t a Prime member. Inspired by China’s 11/11 ‘Single’s Day’, they’ve dubbed this new U.S. retail holiday ’10/10′.

In the app space, for instance, shoppers can download subscriptions to a number of top-rated programs — from personalized fitness trainers to foreign language software — at a fraction of the original cost. We’ve even spotted markdowns upwards of 95% off retail price tags. And unlike Prime Day deals, you don’t have to wait for these items to ship to enjoy them.

Ahead, we’re rounding up 10 useful everyday apps for 10/10. Better yet, shoppers who use the code OCTSALE20 at checkout can save an additional 20% off their purchase.

1. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, now on sale for $31.20 with code OCTSALE20

If you online shop often, surf the web on a public WiFi network, or want to watch video content that’s only accessible in certain countries, it’s worth getting a VPN. Not only do VPNs ensure your personal data (online banking information, passwords, and all) is kept away from prying eyes, but it also allows you to access servers from around the world so that you can stream your favorite content even while you’re traveling. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, for instance, allows users to connect to over 400 servers from 80 countries worldwide and provides secure AES-256 encryption that keeps your digital files safe. It even offers unlimited simultaneous connections, so that you can reap the benefits of KeepSolid VPN on all your devices.

2. Mondly: Lifetime Subscription to All Languages, now on sale for $80.00 with code OCTSALE20

Even though you’re not traveling internationally at the moment, now is as good of a time as any to brush up your foreign language skills. After all, a little conversational French or German can go a long way on your next European adventure. It’s good timing too as a lifetime subscription to Mondly Language Learning App is now on sale for $80.00. With it, online students can take immersive language lessons in 33 different languages, and get real-time feedback on their pronunciation with the help of Mondly’s state-of-the-art speech recognition technology. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll soon be able to conjugate words, speak conversationally, and sound like a local.

3. Sellful: All-in-One Business Software for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs, now on sale for $39.20 with code OCTSALE20

Attention social media marketers, sales reps, e-commerce pros, and small business owners: this might be the best price we’ve ever seen on Sellful’s all-in-one business software. This program allows subscribers to build responsive, user-friendly websites and landing pages in a matter of minutes with no coding skills needed. Of course, that’s only a fraction of what the subscription offers. Sellful: All-in-One Business Software for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs also comes with its own CRM tool, online shop technology, marketing tools, invoicing and payroll features, and point of sale functions.

4. DarwinMail Professional Plan: Lifetime Subscription, now on sale for $31.99 with code OCTSALE20

Your Gmail works fine as is, but there are ways to save time and be more productive. Take DarwinMail, for instance. This email tool allows you to be more productive while you’re sending work emails, by allowing you to sort and categorize your inbox by category, sender, or subject. It will even send you reminders, enable you to snooze emails, and —arguably the best part of the service — let you hit undo any emails that may have been sent by mistake.

5. Toshl Finance Pro Plan: 3-Yr Subscription, now on sale for $24.00 with code OCTSALE20

For those who have a hard time creating a budget and sticking to it, personal finance apps like Toshl can help. With the program, users can seamlessly sync up their accounts from various financial institutions into one place. From there, Toshl Finance Pro will analyze your shopping habits on all your accounts, showing you how much you spend on a variety of categories, such as entertainment and dining out. And once you determine a budget, the app will send you reminders when you’re getting close to hitting your allowance.

6. Restflix Restful Sleep Streaming Service: 3-Yr Subscription, now on sale for $48.00 with code OCTSALE20

You’re not alone if you spend your free time unwinding to Netflix every day like clockwork. But may we suggest you start incorporating Restflix Restful Sleep Streaming Service into your daily routine, too? This streaming platform showcases over 20 personalized channels that are designed to help put you in a meditative, restful state. This includes sleep meditations, bedtime stories, natural sounds, and other relaxing content that can help you feel completely at ease. And with a subscription, you can kick back and relax to unlimited video and audio content.

7. Pagico 9: Task & Data Management Software, now on sale for $20 with code OCTSALE20

If you’re looking for ways to work smarter, not harder, then it’s high time you meet Pagico 9: Task & Data Management Software. This data and task management app can help centralize your to-do lists, allowing you to create clear project lists, tasks, reminders, notes, timelines, and schedules easier than ever. And because its streamlined features are just as effective for planning large-scale work projects as they are for planning your next vacation, you’re bound to get good use out of your Pagico 9 subscription.

8. Relax Melodies Meditation App: Lifetime Subscription, now on sale for $64.00 with code OCTSALE20

Just like Restflix, the Relax Melodies Meditation App comes chock-full of comfort-inducing content to help you practice mindful meditation. Its lifetime membership (which is currently on sale for over 70% off) gives users full access to soothing sounds, stories, breathing techniques, and guided meditations (all of which are sleep-expert approved), so they can sleep better and for longer. No wonder it has a near-perfect rating on the App Store.

9. BetterMe Home Workout & Diet: Lifetime Subscription, now on sale for $32.00 with code OCTSALE20

With the right workout app on your smartphone, you don’t need a gym membership to get in shape. BetterMe Home Workout & Diet, for instance, is designed for at-home use, providing personalized sets of exercises to help you stay healthy, all without needing any fancy equipment. The app also provides nutritious meal plans and dishes that are both easy to make and delicious. It’s like having a personal trainer and a dietitian on your smartphone.

10. Enpass Password Manager: One-Time Premium Lifetime License, now on sale for $20.00 with code OCTSALE20

There was once a time when you could get away with using one password for every digital account you had. Nowadays? Not so much. In order to keep your online banking accounts, online shopping profiles, and email accounts safe, you’ll want to have a separate password for every login you have, each more complex than the last. That’s where Enpass Password Manager comes in handy. This password manager can generate random and strong credentials to all of your online services, and then autofill them on the appropriate pages. You can even log in to Enpass with Face ID or Touch ID to ensure that you, and only you, can access all of your digital accounts.

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