10 Irish vegan food brands to get behind for Veganuary

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For those following a vegan lifestyle, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to Irish food brands.

Veganuary has kicked off and if there was ever a time to try it out, now is the best time.

You’re going to see a lot more promotions on vegan food and plenty of tasty recipes popping up.

a person holding a bowl of food: If you’re thinking of going vegan for Veganuary, here are 10 brilliant Irish food brands to add to your shopping list this month. Pic: Shutterstock

© Provided by Extra.ie
If you’re thinking of going vegan for Veganuary, here are 10 brilliant Irish food brands to add to your shopping list this month. Pic: Shutterstock

Here are 10 Irish vegan food brands to try this Veganuary;

1. Nobó

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Let’s start with the good stuff — chocolate. I have to mention something sweet to start things off.

Nobó, set up by Brian and Rachel Nolan in 2012, have managed to perfect the vegan chocolate button; it’s not too heavy and incredibly smooth.

If you don’t know which flavour to try first, let me help with my top three — Irish Sea Salt Button, Salted Almond Button, and Mint Crunch Button.

Their chocolate bars are just as delicious but I love the buttons with a big mug of tea. If you fancy a bit extra, melt some of the chocolate over Nobó’s original masterpiece; their ice-cream.

2. Fiid

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Some days you just can’t face having to make a whole dinner and just want to throw something in the microwave — everyone has been there and will no doubt be there again, even during Veganuary.

That’s why Fiid is very handy to have in your cupboard.

Limerick man Shane Ryan founded Fiid, originally Feed, in 2018 because he wanted to make eating tasty, nourishing meals handy for anyone.

After a few up-and-down years, Fiid has become one of the most popular ready-meals for vegans and is available in supermarkets, including Aldi and SuperValu, across Ireland.

3. Strong Roots

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If you like just throwing food into the oven and hoping for the best, Strong Roots has your back this Veganuary.

Founder and CEO Sam Dennigan created the brand in 2015 and had an immensely successful launch at home, now available in the UK and launched in the US just in 2019.

Personally, the Broccoli & Purple Carrot Bites are a go-to as well as the Cauliflower Hash Browns — when I’m struggling on what to eat, I reach for them.

4. The Happy Pear

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You can’t make a list of Irish vegan food brands without giving The Happy Pear a mention.

The Wicklow twins, Steve and Dave Flynn, set up their brand back in 2004 with a small shop in the hopes to have locals eating more vegetables.

Now their business has expanded greatly over the last 16 years with multiple cafes, online courses, and a growing community.

Their range has everything a newbie vegan could want — handy soups, yummy pesto, and even treats. The Salted Caramel Bites are a dream.

5. Homespun

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There are few things as delightful as a crunchy bowl of granola in the morning, and Dublin woman Erica has created one of the yummiest that is totally vegan with her business Homespun.

She first began selling her product Quinoa Crunch at farmer’s markets, which would sell out every week. Then health stores began placing orders.

The Quinoa Crunch range launched into independent retailers in Dublin and since then it is now available in multiple stores across Ireland, the UK and the UAE with more products set to hit shelves.

For something to drizzle over a bowl of Quinoa Crunch, try Homespun’s new Chicory Root Syrup. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth without raising your blood sugars.

6. Buttercream Dream

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If you think being vegan means you have to give up cakes and creamy things, think again.

Buttercream Dream was founded by Lauren and is based in Dublin but her treats are available outside of the capital as well, like every other brand on this list.

Her mission is to ‘bake vegan treats that are decadent, creamy, rich – all of the adjectives you may not be used to hearing associated with vegan treats.’

There is a treat for every taste — lemon cupcakes, brownies, cookies, biscuit cake. It’s impossible to choose a favourite.

7. White Mausu

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If you fancy giving your meal some extra flavour, White Mausu is the perfect condiment to spice things up.

Katie and Jasper are both cooks who met while working at a café, and from there went on to create absolutely delectable rayus inspired by Korea, Japan, and China — made in Dublin.

If you’re wondering which one to start off with, highly recommend the Peanut Rayu. It can be added to stir-fries, avocado toast, on bread — the choices are endless.

8. Harry’s Nut Butter

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Nut butter is something that you can put into anything — curries, brownies, porridge, with apple slices, on its own with a spoon.

The creation of Harry’s Nut Butter doesn’t have an exact date but it was some point after he started working in Fumbally café in 2015. He knew it was a winner when jars of his chilli-infused nut butter came back empty.

The idea to bring Harry’s Nut Butter to market came after Fumbally owner Luca D’Alfonso took Harry aside to tell him about a dream of selling the stuff — and from there his magic mix was on shelves.

You can’t beat the Original Nut Butter but something with more kick try Extra Hot Nut Butter. If you’re a chocolate lover, head straight for Coco Buzz.

9. The Cultured Food Co.

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If you’ve a taste for fermented foods, look no further than The Cultured Food Co.

The West Cork business was founded by Hayley Milthorpe, who hails from Yorkshire. She set up The Cultured Food Co. with her children in mind — ‘I wanted to nourish my growing children with the best foods possible,’ she said.

After studying nutrition and once a qualified nutritional therapist, Hayley wanted to use food as a medicine and so her business was born.

The stand out product to me is their kimchi — a deliciously pungent fresh and spicy mix that you can throw on to any dish. Honestly. I love it on top of chips with a spiced mayo (plenty of vegan mayos available now, fortunately).

10. SynerChi

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Over the years, we’ve heard a lot about kombucha and its benefits for our health. Originating in East Asia and making its way to Russia, it is a fermented drink made from sweet tea.

And it’s delicious. One of the most popular kombucha brands on the Irish market is SynerChi, set up by Laura Murphy in Donegal.

In 2012, she established DBKB which is the first traditional kombucha tea microbrewery or ‘Kombrewery’ in Ireland.

A flavour I always reach for is Ginger and Lemongrass which is immensely refreshing and the ginger gives it that little kick to wake you up.

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