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Our social media timelines are filled with a lot of noise, especially when it comes to personal finance advice.

It’s either information that’s impossible to grasp, like “how to become a millionaire in 10 years,” or advice that’s so broad that it becomes difficult to translate to our own lives. 

But these 10 money experts are different. 

They rise above the generic financial advice, debunk old money rules, and tackle topics of generational wealth and entrepreneurship in Latinx and POC communities.

Their social media platforms are equivalent to multiple crash courses in personal finance — except it’s easier to absorb, it’s free, and it can get very personal.

If you’re looking to spruce up your timeline and get smarter about your money, here’s NextAdvisor’s latest list of money experts you should follow on social media. 

How To Get Out of Debt: Bernadette Joy 

Bernadette Joy prides herself on being somewhat contrarian, and isn’t afraid to buck traditional advice if it doesn’t make sense for her own situation. But the numbers back her up: she says she and her husband paid off an incredible $300,000 in as little as three years.

Following her epic debt payoff, Joy started an education and coaching program called Crush Your Money Goals, which teaches millennial women how to become debt free.

She’s also a contributor to NextAdvisor, and shared her take on why you should always put 20% down on a home and how she used the $1 rule to pay off her mortgage. Check out her latest story, where she explains why she went against conventional wisdom and stopped investing to pay off debt.

“The advice to ‘always be investing’ is well-meaning, but it can often ignore how much debt distracts us from becoming long-term, intentional investors. It also normalizes accepting debt as a perpetual part of life, when it doesn’t have to be,” Joy writes.

Financial Empowerment For Latinas: Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

Puerto Rican entrepreneur and NextAdvisor contributor Jannese Torres-Rodriguez is in hot pursuit of financial independence—and she wants her community to follow in her footsteps.

She is particularly passionate about financial literacy education for Latinx and POC communities through her new podcast, Yo Quiero Dinero. It covers topics like investing, building generational wealth, paying off debt, and entrepreneurship. Before launching her podcast, she built a $50,000 side business from the ground up known as Delish D’lites, a food blog for authentic Puerto Rican recipes as well as Latin-inspired dishes.

But what makes her stand out is that she isn’t afraid to share her failures to teach a lesson.

For example, she wrote a story on NextAdvisor about pursuing the American Dream and becoming a landlord—and how it landed her in therapy. That experience taught her to never let anyone (even family and friends) tell her how to spend her money.

“There’s nothing wrong about renting, or right about owning. Those are simply opinions, and the most important opinion influencing your decision should be yours alone,” she writes. 

Tips and Hacks for Getting a Mortgage: Jennifer Beeston 

The home-buying process can be a nightmare—especially this year, with a pandemic, recession, and housing market out of whack. 

Jennifer Beeston is trying to make it easier. A mortgage originator with Guaranteed Rate Mortgage in Chicago, she’s a vocal advocate for making the process more transparent. Beeston is rated in the top 1% of mortgage originators in the nation by dollar volume. 

We recently asked her to help us break down the four most important things to look at on a loan estimate. 

“The biggest mistake that people make is they don’t look at the details.” Beeston said.

TikTok Lessons in Personal Finance: Delyanne Barros 

Brazilian native Delyanne Barros is an employment attorney by day, but her side hustle involves fostering communities on Instagram and TikTok and sharing advice on debt payoff, investing, and financial independence. 

“I just want people to hear the words index funds and ETF,” Barros told us. “My goal is just to build that vocabulary for people, to pique curiosity.”

Barros, who currently lives in San Diego, first began sharing her personal financial journey on Instagram, which then evolved into a side business coaching others to achieve their own financial goals.

Inspired by the FIRE movement (Financial Independence / Retire Early), she is pursuing her own debt-free journey and currently paying off $110,000 in student loans in 15 months. She plans to be debt free by December 2020 and achieve FIRE by 2028. 

How to Live Affordably and Thrive: Jennifer Streaks

Jennifer Streaks isn’t short of credentials when it comes to personal finance. She worked in financial compliance at several big banks, has a law degree, and a masters in business administration. 

She transitioned into the media industry in 2005, and has guest starred on several major TV and radio networks (MSNBC, FOX, Fox Business, AlJazeera, CCTV, MarketWatch) over the last few years to talk about money topics that impact everyday Americans. 

Known as a financial journalist and expert on affordable living, Streaks believes finances, affordable living, and thriving don’t have to be a chore, and published a how-to guide in 2016 that’s called “Thrive! … Affordably.”

She’s one of five experts who shared her take with NextAdvisor on what debt you should pay off first. 

Money Coach For Millennial Women: Tori Dunlap

Tori Dunlap, a millennial money coach and career expert, has one mission: fight the patriarchy through financial education. 

She began sharing her own savings journey online, so women could have a space to talk about money and learn more about intimidating topics like saving, debt payoff, and investing. 

But there’s a reason her platform is called HerFirst100k; she spent years building her savings up to $100k on the side of her 9-5 job in marketing. In 2019, she finally reached her goal and quit her corporate job. 

She’s also talking about personal finance on TikTok, a platform better known for viral dances and short-form comedy.

For everyone seeking money advice online, Dunlap gave us a useful reminder: “Make sure the people you’re getting advice from are not only credible, but share your values and are going about personal finance and money education in a way that feels good to you,” she said.

Strategies to Pay Off Student Loans: Kendall Philbrick

Kendall Philbrick is a personal finance blogger who goes by @babeonabudgetblog and primarily uses Instagram to document her own debt-free journey. 

She often posts about topics like how to tackle six-figure student loan debt, saving money, and planning for retirement, and shares financial inspiration to help keep people on track with their money goals. 

She recently spoke to NextAdvisor about why it’s important to craft a student loan payoff plan to get out of debt faster. “Minimum payments won’t typically get you there. You need to have some strategy for getting extra money, even if it’s only $20,” she told us.

Get Your Finances in Shape and Retire Early: Julien Saunders

Julien Saunders is a former professional chef, co-founder of the blog richandregular.com, and co-author of the upcoming book Rich and Regular with his wife Kiersten Saunders.

The couple’s inspiration came from years of reading about wealth building and realizing that financial independence isn’t only for the rich — regular people can attain it, too!

In a recent article for NextAdvisor, Julien described in detail how he saved thousands of dollars on a used car, even in the middle of a hot market. “Know your credit score. Know the value of your trade-in. And know how to say no,” he wrote.

Advice From a Seasoned Realtor: Yawar Charlie 

Yawar Charlie has been in the real estate industry for more than a decade and has sold hundreds of listings in the Greater Los Angeles area. He’s been an estate director with Aaron Kirman Group since 2016.

Charlie has vast market expertise. He recently shared his thoughts with NextAdvisor on the intricacies of buying a foreclosed home and his outlook on the market during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We asked him a question that’s on a lot of our minds: is 2020 a good time to buy a house? “If someone has job security, I’d say do not wait,” Charlie said. “If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, keep looking and have your ducks in a row so when you are ready, you can pull the trigger.”

Quick Tips to Help You Make and Save Money: Humphrey Yang

Humphrey Yang found his niche making weekly YouTube videos on personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship. He started his channel to simplify complicated money topics and make it more accessible for everyone. 

You may also know him on TikTok as @humphreytalks. There’s no dancing, but he posts tons of short deep-dive videos about all things personal finance.

When he’s not on YouTube or TikTok, Yang does some advisory work for other eCommerce businesses. He studied finance in college and was a financial advisor for a little bit in his 20s, but he quickly discovered he wasn’t passionate about financial advisory in a business sense. 

What he was passionate about was personal finance.

 “I’ve always had that mindset, thinking about how much I spend, how much I can save, how to invest, things like that,” Yang says.

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