15 bitesized ways to rethink your daily routine in 2021

All too often we think that science means distilling our world into dry numbers and

All too often we think that science means distilling our world into dry numbers and equations. In reality, science gives richness, meaning, and depth to our daily lives. 

In my seven years in medicine, I not only learnt the intricacies of the human body and the diseases that afflict it, I was moulded into the role of a doctor and taught to skilfully hide behind a cloak of jargon and science-speak. 

It was only after stepping back from the profession that I discovered how truly alienated we academic types can make others feel. Much of this highbrow babble does nothing but separate us from others. 

My new book, The Science of Living: 219 Reasons to Rethink Your Daily Routine, seeks to set the record straight and show that you do not need letters after your name to understand life’s little mysteries.

Every day brings with it countless questions. Not just the philosophical ones, but also momentary wonderings – should I drink a coffee first thing in the morning or wait a while? Why do I feel so sluggish after lunch? 

Dozens of specialists and experts from around the world have helped me craft my book, which represents the most up-to-date science and research that answers these questions. 

Life deserves to be filled with laughter, love, kindness, and passion. Yet it is desperately fragile. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought this uncomfortable truth into sharp focus to all of us. 

During the writing of this book I have endured surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy for what has now become an aggressive brain cancer. 

It is with the steadfast love and support of family and friends that I have learnt to love life. Writing my book has helped me live life to its fullest. I hope that it helps readers to live theirs to the fullest, too.

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