To many people, shopping can be social or leisurely. It is one thing to surrender

To many people, shopping can be social or leisurely. It is one thing to surrender to an occasional impulse shopping, but when your purchase shifts from impulsive to compulsive, that is when you can begin to suspect that you have a problem.

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Some people may experience shopping problems without spending any money, but they spend a lot of time browsing through the pages of the best online stores. To them, it is just window shopping, but it can turn out to be the beginning of a bad shopping habit.

Here are signs that your online shopping habit is becoming a problem:

You Always Find an Excuse to Shop

Do you feel the urge to shop whenever you are sad? Is it what you do to relieve yourself from stress, anger or express your happiness? If shopping is your go-to whenever you are in a mood, you might have a shopping problem.

You Are Having a Hard Time Distinguishing Your Wants From Your Needs

Every human is expected to have a scale of preference, the ability to differentiate your wants from your needs. If you feel like you do not need a scale to make a justification for spending on something you want, then you probably have a shopping problem. People with shopping problems find it difficult to know the difference between their wants and needs. They believe that whatever they are buying, they can’t go a day without, and most times, some of these items go unused. Food is a need, and a new purse is a want.

Need to Shop to Feel Normal

For people without shopping problems, buying something is necessary, while people with shopping problems feel compelled to buy something new to feel normal. Whenever they are not able to shop, they feel miserable, angry or frustrated. The frustration that comes with being unable to shop is why people who are trying to stop end up relapsing.

You Go Shopping in Secret

It’s different when you are shopping during your break hours and when you are hiding to shop. When you go shopping and hide your items from your friends and family, you might have a shopping problem. You are maybe trying to avoid lectures or comments about how much you have spent on irrelevant things.

You are Shopping and Spending More Than You Can Afford

Has your shopping habits led you to debts? Do you find it difficult to save? Are you spending all the money you make on shopping? Then you have a shopping problem. People with shopping problems avoid looking at their financial statements, so they don’t feel embarrassed or sad. But this doesn’t stop them from shopping more.

Can you relate to any of the signs listed above? If yes, you may be struggling with shopping problems, and you have to figure out what drives you to shop, we feel that knowing this is a huge step in helping you solve your shopping problems.