A List Of Thanks And Celebrations

It’s Customer Service Week this week. Traditionally, during the first full week in October, many

It’s Customer Service Week this week.

Traditionally, during the first full week in October, many organizations around the world make an effort to recognize the importance of excellent customer service and those that deliver it.

Now, I’m not normally drawn to such time-specific celebrations of excellence as I believe it is something we should celebrate and strive to achieve at all times.

However, this year has been different, and I’d like to take a moment to celebrate and thank all of those that have served their customers, patients, citizens, students and communities in exceptional ways during these extraordinary times.

I want to start by thanking and celebrating…

The doctors, nurses and porters that have tended to the sick and dying as well as the cleaners, administration and various support staff that have kept health care facilities functioning.

Everyone that works in care homes and are looking after the elderly and the vulnerable.

The paramedics, social and community health workers that have provided care to people in their homes and their communities.

The charities that have delivered food, medicine and other necessities to the vulnerable and those in need.

The pharmacists that have stayed opened and have continued to help and serve their communities.

The food retail workers that have helped us keep our cupboards stocked while having to deal with everything from panic buying to different ways of working to irate and anxious customers.

The transport workers that have helped everyone that still has to travel to work get to work.

The postal, logistics and delivery personnel that have made sure that our online orders and mail get to us.

The street cleaners and rubbish collectors that have kept our streets, towns and cities clean.

All of the warehouse workers that pick, pack and post our orders.

The restaurants and food businesses that have made our food for delivery.

The drivers and riders that have delivered food to our doors.

The contact center agents, support and success teams that have dealt with both a shift to remote working as well as a huge rise in customer requests for help.

The teachers that have adapted to a changing world and have continued to educate.

The civil servants that have helped both businesses and individuals access support programs and benefits.

The businesses that temporarily pivoted their business’ resources to help plug shortages.

The workers that were furloughed and that have volunteered their time and effort to help wherever they could.

The financial institutions that have provided relief to those that needed it and have dealt with a massive rise in both online and contactless payments.

The telecoms and technology workers that have maintained the networks that connect us all.

The technology providers that have enabled brands to help customers more easily self serve.

The brands that have treated their customers with respect, empathy, kindness and understanding and have helped customers solve their problems with speed, ease and efficiency.

The marketers that have provided customers with supportive, valuable and timely information.

The list could surely go on, and I am sure I will have missed some people out.

For that, I apologize.

To all of you. I salute and celebrate you.

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