Alicia Keys Figures Out Her Skin

Alicia Keys, the Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, has been giving beauty, wellness and self-care a lot

Alicia Keys, the Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, has been giving beauty, wellness and self-care a lot of thought lately. You could chalk up some of the musings to the pandemic, but Ms. Keys, 39, has also been masterminding a beauty-meets-self-care line called Keys Soulcare, which will debut on Dec. 3.

The line, which includes skin care and home scents, is inspired by beauty rituals that make her feel good — aptly timed for these stressful days. See what she likes below.

I love both routines — day and night. Both are really special and important in their own ways. If it’s morning, my routine depends on the day. Sometimes I’m super rush-y. More mornings are like the rush-y ones, but sometimes I have time to luxuriate. I definitely have oily skin, and I’ve been prone to breakouts.

At the beginning of my career, I didn’t know what was going on. I was under the camera and under hot lights, and that definitely did not help. I didn’t have any skin experience. My mother wasn’t a big beauty type of girl. She’d just say, “Here’s a wash, here’s a lotion, now go about your day.” I had to try a lot of different things, from makeup artists and other experts I’ve met, and it wasn’t until my mid-20s that I figured out, “Oh, this is how people do this.”

Scent is deep in the meditation practice as well. If you burn sage, you purify the space. And bringing that into the self-care routine is very powerful. When getting ready or unready at night, a great part of that is lighting a candle and setting an intention.

When I think about lighting the candle, I think, “I shine at full wattage.” That’s a big thing I’ve been thinking about personally — not holding back and just being completely bright and brilliant and bold. I love that mantra.

I also like scented oils — lavender or eucalyptus. If it’s for the bath, I’ll drop about eight or 10 drops of essential oil in there. If it’s on my skin, I’ll put a little bit on my finger and just do pulse points. I get mine at Whole Foods, and then there’s the Young Living brand. Their oils are really amazing, and I order them online.

I go crazy with my bath. I go bananas. There are these amazing bath boxes from Mama Medicine, which we are going to work with for Keys Soulcare. The founder, Deborah Hanekamp, she’s a beautiful artisan. She’ll fill the box with rose petals and certain crystals and certain oils and different incense.

Then she’ll give you a menu of what you need to do to release tension, or if you’re feeling depleted, how to restore yourself. During this time, with everything feeling so crazy, the bath is such a restorative place.

Actually, one of the most beautiful things about this new normal we’re living through is that it’s obviously not so much about the external. It’s so much more about the internal. With my hair, I’m enjoying the simplicity of it all. I’ve never worn more ponytails in all my life. Also, I definitely wear my hair out and curly and natural a lot.

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