Amanda Kloots, Nick Cordero’s widow, says she’s ‘constantly trying to work through’ his death

Fitness trainer Amanda Kloots works it out. (Photo: Instagram) Amanda Kloots has lived most of

Fitness trainer Amanda Kloots works it out. (Photo: Instagram)
Fitness trainer Amanda Kloots works it out. (Photo: Instagram)

Amanda Kloots has lived most of 2020, the year she heartbreakingly lost husband Nick Cordero to COVID-19, in front of the world. We watched as the fitness trainer posted regular, often upsetting, updates on the Broadway actor’s condition one moment and then always coming back with optimism and hope, playing Cordero’s song “Live Your Life” and smiling, leading workouts for followers. She very quickly became a high-profile person.

On Tuesday, she was asked in an online sit-down with Women’s Health Editor-in-Chief Liz Plosser about the one thing that she wants people to understand about her.

“I think we all see things on social media or see things from a distance, and it’s very easy to sit at home and think you know things or judge someone,” Kloots said. “And I think that the very important lesson [is] not to do that, to not judge somebody from where you are in their life. And I would just say that because, you know, what has happened to me this last year, this last six or seven months, it’s been hard and it’s honestly a day-to-day struggle. It’s something that, you know, I’m constantly trying to work through and get through.”

Cordero, 41, died July 5 after checking into the hospital on March 31 with COVID-19. During his months-long treatment, he faced complications including the amputation of his leg.

“It’s just a test, you know, it’s always a test… that we just stay strong and stay focused and find the little things in your day that make you happy,” Kloots continued. “And to not judge people for how they’re living their life and getting through things.”

The bulk of the hour-long event, called “Just Keep Going,” focused on mental health, the power of positivity and cultivating resilience, was a pre-taped workout led by Kloots. She said that she’d originally designed it when Cordero just didn’t feel like working out. The sweat session consists of several exercises that can be done for two minutes at a time, and Kloots reasoned that anyone has two minutes.

Kloots, or Plosser for that matter, never mentioned President Trump’s controversial Monday tweet instructing people: “Don’t be afraid of COVID.” Kloots responded, in part, to Trump’s message with, “It IS something to be afraid of. After you see the person you love the most die from this disease you would never say what this tweet says. There is no empathy to all the lives lost. He is bragging instead. It is sad. It is hurtful. It is disgraceful.”

Instead, she stayed upbeat and explained how she manages to stay in such a happy place, even when she’s working out, even when she’s going through a terrible time.

“People have asked me forever, why I’m always smiling when I’m working out, or why I have such a positive attitude about fitness, or how do you stay motivated? I always say we are so lucky to be able to roll out of bed, to stand on two feet, to stand up, to walk, to jump, to skip, to smile. Jump, skip, smile is one of my mottos in life.”

Kloots said it changes people when they begin to think of working out as something that can’t be taken for granted.

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