Billboard questioning Biden’s mental strength misspells dementia

J.D. Prose, USA TODAY Network – PA State Capitol Bureau  |  Beaver County Times Trump:

J.D. Prose, USA TODAY Network – PA State Capitol Bureau
 |  Beaver County Times


FAYETTE COUNTY, Pa. — A southwest Pennsylvania man’s photo of a billboard that attempts to mock former Vice President Joe Biden’s mental acuity, but which misspells dementia, has gone viral in the waning weeks of the presidential campaign.

Evan Ludy posted a photo of the billboard on Twitter on Oct. 15 with the caption, “Fayette County Billboards… absolutely obliterated the word ‘dementia.’”

The billboard, which is at a main intersection near Uniontown, shows photos of Biden and running mate U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris with, “Biden’s dimensia is worsening. He is not fit,” emblazoned over them.

Trump and other Republicans have tried to make Biden’s mental fitness an issue in the campaign. “This guy doesn’t have a clue. He doesn’t know where the hell he is,” Trump said during a Pittsburgh rally in September, according to ABC News. “This guy doesn’t know he’s alive.”

Insulting nicknames are also on the billboard: “Phony Kamala” for Harris and “Sleepy Joe” for Biden.

Ludy’s Twitter account, which is now locked, last showed his post had more than 2,600 likes and nearly 600 retweets. His photo has spread online and attracted the attention of national media.

Trump won 64 percent of the vote in Fayette County in 2016 and it remains solid red territory in the state’s far southwestern corner.

Ludy could not be reached on Friday, but, referring to the misspelling, he told Newsweek that, “The irony is just hilarious.”

According to the Pittsburgh City Paper, the billboard is owned by Penneco Outdoor Advertising in Westmoreland County and people were leaving harsh comments and one-star ratings for the company on Google Reviews.

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