Condoms, Couches and 7 Other Surprising Things You Can Get Delivered During Quarantine

If the thought of going to a mall or busy department store right now is

If the thought of going to a mall or busy department store right now is setting off your anxiety alarm, you’ll be pleased to know that online delivery services have never been more popular — or prevalent.

While companies have been offering things like meal delivery and clothing subscription boxes for years now, a number of brands have launched new goods and services to help people pass the time in quarantine with essentials (and a few fun accessories) on-hand.

From health and wellness items you’d rather not be seen purchasing in store, to surprisingly chic furniture and even house plants, here’s what you can get delivered to your door while you’re self-isolating and quarantining at home.

1. Condoms and Lube

Few things are as awkward as standing in line at the drugstore with a pack of condoms and lube in your hand (though safe sex should never be something to be embarrassed about). If you prefer a more discreet way of picking up your safe sex essentials, consider the new health and wellness startup, Champ.

Champ Starter Kit, $14, available at MeetChamp

With sports-inspired packaging (hence the “Champ” name) and clean, quality products, Champ offers a “Starting Lineup” kit with two packs of condoms (ultra-thin and ribbed) and a bottle of lube delivered to your door for just $14 (shipping included).

Champ’s water-based lube is glycerin-free and is not only less messy to use, but also formulated to reduce the risk of unpleasant side effects like yeast infections and UTIs. The condoms, meantime, are comfortable and stretchy, and Champ says they come fresh from the company’s distribution center to the consumer, eliminating the risk of damaged or expired goods you might find from less trustworthy online sites.

2. (Eco-Friendly) Cleaning Products

The only thing harder to find than hand sanitizer these days is household cleaners. That’s why we like YVY Naturals (pronounced ee-vee), a new company that delivers powerful (and eco-friendly) cleaning products in compact, reusable capsules. Thee high-performance cleaning agents are made with all natural products (think citrus fruits and Amazonian flowers) and are specially formulated to tackle every room of the house. Choose from an all-purpose cleaner, or one for your bathroom or kitchen. Your order comes with a refillable spray bottle; fill it with water, twist on a cleaning capsule and then watch the active formula target germs, stains and odors around the house.

YVY Naturals Cleaning Kit, $10+, available at YVY Naturals

3. STD Tests, Fertility Tests and Health Tests

Can’t make it to the doctor, or avoiding walk-in clinics right now due to Covid fears? If you’re feeling sick, it’s always best to see a physician. But if you just want to take a more proactive approach to your health, consider picking up a couple testing kits from Everlywell.

The site has more than 30 different lab tests you can take from the comforts of your couch, with kits that can detect everything from fertility, to vitamin deficiencies, allergies, STDs and more. Everlywell also has an at-home Covid-19 testing kit (see availability here) and even tests for heart health and colon cancer detection. Everything ships in a discreet box, with easy-to-follow instructions on how to collect a specimen sample (typically done through swabbing your mouth). Send your sample back to the Everlywell labs, and their team of wellness experts and doctors will follow up with your results, along with actionable items on how to treat your condition or prevent symptoms from forming. These at-home health tests have become incredibly popular over the last few months, as people seek ways to improve their health and well-being while stuck at home.

Everlywell At-Home Health Tests, $49+, available at Everlywell

4. House Plants

If your weekend routine used to include going to the farmer’s market or nursery to pick up plants for the house, you’ll want to take a look at Costa Farms, which offers a variety of fresh plants for purchase via Amazon. These aren’t fake plastic plants either; Costa Farms has everything from trendy snake plants to lush ivy to colorful succulents available, with the option of adding a planter to your order as well.

Everything is packed to order to maintain freshness, and shipped directly from Costa Farms’ nursery in Miami. Choose from multiple plant types and sizes to fit your space and decor.

Costa Farms Plants, $19.99+, available at Amazon

5. Craft Cocktails

A number of delivery sites are making it easy to get beer, wine and liquor delivered to your door (some in as little as 30 minutes or less) but if you want to take your cocktail night up a notch, you’ll want to pick up a cocktail kit from Sourced Craft Cocktails. The site offers dozens of unique cocktails, which all come pre-measured for easy mixing.

Want to impress guests at your next party? The kits come with freshly-squeezed juices and pre-mixed homemade syrups and bitters, plus a bottle of your favorite premium spirit. You also get plastic cups, a jigger and easy instructions to mix up drinks for up to a dozen people.

The kits are all mixed and assembled by licensed bartenders, many of whom the company says they’ve hired during the pandemic. “We provide bartenders who are currently out of work due to bar closures across America with the ability to earn a livable wage by delivering your order,” reads a note on the site.

The batched cocktail kits start at around $70 with enough ingredients to make up to a dozen drinks.

Batched Craft Cocktail Kits, $70+, available at Sourced Craft Cocktails

6. Couches and Sectionals

You could brave a trip to Ikea during the pandemic or you could custom-design a couch online and have it delivered to your door. That’s what we did with Allform, a new online furniture site that lets you customize your own loveseat, sectional, armchair or couch. Start by selecting the type of chair or sofa you want, and then choose the size, material, leg finish, and even add matching pillows to fit your space and decor style. The modular design of the seating makes it easy to switch up and position in numerous configurations, while the clean and modern aesthetic fits almost any decorating scheme. We choose a more neutral palette (with grey fabric and wooden legs) to open up our living space, but Allform also offers its chairs in warmer fabrics and rich, luxurious leathers too. Everything is made in the USA.

The ordering process is incredibly easy, and while you have to put the chair together yourself, everything comes delivered in pre-sorted boxes for easy organization and assembly. There are no electric tools needed — just a strong arm to tighten a couple screws and to help the frame “snap” together.

A custom armchair starts at $695, while a couch starts at $1145. The price includes delivery.

Allform Armchairs and Sofas, $695+, available at Allform

7. Brand-Name Mattresses

There are now hundreds of mattress start-ups out there, but how do you know which mattress brand to trust? We don’t mess around when it comes to sleep, which is why it’s been exciting to see trusted names like Tempur-Pedic get into the online mattress space.

You probably grew up sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic mattress, or your parents always raved about how good their Tempur-Pedic was. The name became so synonymous with mattresses that you could just say “I bought a Tempur-Pedic” and people would know what you were talking about. These were the mattresses you used to have to test out at the big-box stores, but the same quality mattress can now be delivered to your door.

The best Tempur-Pedic to order online is the TEMPUR-Cloud mattress. The mattress is firm enough to provide full-body support with just enough softness on top to not feel like you’re sleeping on a brick. Unlike cheaper mattresses, where you immediately sink in, the TEMPUR-Cloud keeps you “lifted” as its name suggests. It minimizes pressure points and quickly adapts to whatever sleeping position you’re in to caress your body rather than envelope it. If you’re prone to stress or backaches, this is a good mattress to sleep on.

The mattress comes delivered in a box. Unlike some bed-in-a-box mattresses, which take hours to expand, the TEMPUR-Cloud unrolls and expands in minutes. The company’s 10-year warranty is also among the best in the biz.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress, $1699+, available at Tempurpedic

8. Couples Toys

Few categories have shot up in sales during the quarantine like sex toys, with some retailers reporting increases of 600% or more on popular adult accessories. Sex toys are also ideal for ordering online, as they come in discreet, sealed packages, which makes them easy to gift to a partner, or to order for yourself.

For couples, OhMiBod’s Esca 2 vibrator has been one of the most popular sex toys during quarantine, with its app-controlled system ideal for both in-person and long distance play. One partner keeps the vibrating “tail” close by, while the other can use the OhMiBod Remote App to direct different pulses and sensations their way. The app uses WiFi or Bluetooth to control the device, though you can also use it manually to choose from four different patterns. A single charge gets you up to 3.5 hours of play.

OhMiBod Esca 2, $119, available at Love Life Toys

9. Anything Else You Can Think Of

One of our favorite sites to shop online is also one of the most straightforward. is a site that offers everything from grooming products, to vitamins, to kitchen appliances, to (some seriously good) luggage. The site ethos is all about simple, well-made products that cost what they’re supposed to cost — rather than up-selling the consumer on a fancy design or designer name.

We’ve bought everything from deodorant to matcha green tea powder from Brandless, and the quality is surprisingly on par with name brand counterparts. Everything is shipped directly to your door, and it’s a great way to bundle a bunch of random products together in one shipment. Even if you’re not looking for anything in particular, we recommend browsing the Brandless site to see their complete selection. We bet you’ll find at least one thing you didn’t know you needed.

See full selection of products at

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