Dentist Reveals How a Floss Pick Can Turn You Into a ‘Major League Gamer’

A dentist has shared a video revealing how a floss pick can turn you into

A dentist has shared a video revealing how a floss pick can turn you into a “major league gamer.”

Orthodontist Dr. Benjamin Winters, who calls himself The Bentist online, shared a video on his TikTok page on Tuesday, and it has since blown up.

Winters films himself looking in wonder at the dental hygiene tool, before he stitches a video showing a first-person shooter game.

He captioned the clip, which has amassed more than 5 million views: “I knew I went to 15 years of extra school for a reason! MLG [major league gamer] Bentist on the way!”

It shows the player blasting their way through various outdoor scenes, in what’s thought to be the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive video game. The gamer dispatches their enemies swiftly, after using a floss pick, taped to the screen in order to line up their sights in shooting games. He added the on-screen caption: “Is this a legal dot?”

Often referred to as a crosshair, it can be added into the game through various ways by players, often by using a piece of tape and a black dot. The original poster, Csgogoezhack, shares numerous DIY crosshairs on their page, but it seems the brushing accessory has proved a hit with gamers and dentists alike.

Raving about the hack, Madeline May wrote: “Smartest thing I’ve seen all day.”

Princssredheart commented: “No, that isn’t cheating. That’s genius.”

“I knew these things were good for something,” ArticleGaming001 joked.

While Nykozo raved: “This man is a genius.”

Lost quipped: “Custom crosshairs when you’re broke be like.”

And Wyatt Ballard added: “This is beyond science.”

While Jay suggested: “Cut off the stick part lol.”

Csgogoezhack complied, and shared a follow-up video on Thursday, and used just the floss part as a crosshair, sticking it to the screen with tape. It produced equally effective results, as the sight allowed them to kill their virtual enemies with ease.

Gamers were similarity impressed, as one joked: “You are the next Thomas Edison.”

For anyone who doesn’t have a spare flosser at hand, seasoned gamers revealed other—free—tricks of the trade to line up your sights.

“Pro tip: switch to a gun with a crosshair, mark it with a tiny dot of blue tack. Switch back to AWP or Scout. Ez [easy] no scopes.,” Faux Rain advised.

Cameron Stander said: “I just put a little dot of prestik on the middle of the crosshair.”

Reyman440 suggested: “Go on eBay and you can get clear static stickers for screen with reticule on it, been using for years!”

And Kieran.True666 noted: “Sharpie markers help too. Use rubbing alcohol to get it off.”

Newsweek reached out to The Bentist for comment.

Screenshot from @csgogoezhack's video.
Screenshot from @csgogoezhack’s video. A gamer shared his novel crosshair he made from a tooth flosser, and has been hailed a genius.

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