Designer Dentistry Beam St. is the Pioneer of Dental Protection and Prevention

Beam St. takes a preventative approach in keeping their patient’s healthy through education and regularly

Beam St. takes a preventative approach in keeping their patient’s healthy through education and regularly scheduled visits

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 25, 2021 / Boutique dental studio, Beam St., takes a unique approach to dentistry. Beam St. is all preventative. Their particular strategy not only saves their patients money but also unnecessary fixes.

The motto of Beam St. is to leave healthier and happier than when you first come in. Through education in dental hygiene and teeth health, the staff at Beam St. are able to keep all of their patients’ mouths healthy. In hopes of prevention over reaction, Beam St. believes that expensive techniques such as crowns and root canals can be eradicated with routine visits and an education that their staff provide.

Reactive dentistry fixes an issue once it arises whereas the hygienists at Beam St. are trained to think comprehensively. Their patients are being educated on how they can take necessary preventionary steps and actions to stop dental decay in advance. Although Beam St.’s major service is clear aligner therapy, the outcome they strive for is a more wholesome, healthy and functional bite with their services.

Co-owner, Lewis Chen, states “At Beam St, we’re committed to preventative care, rather than reactive treatment. Whether that’s regular checkups and cleanings or orthodontics to correct bite-related issues, we aim to ensure that our patients leave dentally healthier than when they came in. We address both aesthetic and functional concerns, as a bad bite is similar to having bad blood pressure – you may not feel pain or discomfort now, leading you to believe that you don’t have a problem, but if left untreated, it can covertly cause major dental distress/complications.”

Beam St. revolutionizes the healthy mouth movement with an experience that maintains their core values. Accessibility of care means that everyone has access to the options that keep you healthy. As pioneers of dental protection, they deliver both knowledge and convenience for your healthiest smile yet.

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About Beam St.
Beam St. was designed with you in mind. You’re tired of long wait times, old-school drills and devices, and impersonal appointments. You’ve got places to go and a schedule to manage and going to the dentist isn’t always top of the priority list. We get it. That’s why we want to make it easy for you. You want a convenient booking process, a customized treatment plan, an easy solution for your specific needs. And you deserve nothing less than a first-class experience in a comfortable environment with state-of-the-art technology. So welcome to Beam Street, where things are simply simpler. We’ll take it from here. ​​

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