Dogs Across America Celebrate National Flossing Day for First Time

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This year, most people will ignore National Flossing

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This year, most people will ignore National Flossing Day, which takes place on the day after Thanksgiving, for the same reason that 70 percent or more ignore their dentist’s advice. Daily flossing is a pain, and they don’t like to do it, or be reminded about it.

Yummy Combs from Pet's Best Life

But that’s not the case for their canine companions, thanks to a new type of healthy, great-tasting treat that flosses 360 degrees around dogs’ teeth as they chew. Most people have never considered flossing their dog’s teeth, but it’s more than a matter of hygiene — dogs who don’t floss can suffer serious, long-term health consequences.

Flossing is Critical for Fido

“Periodontal gum disease is often called ‘the silent killer’ of dogs,” says Dr. Jan Bellows, a leader in veterinary dentistry and member of Pets Best Life, a start-up company focused on holistic canine health. “Bad bacteria build up on dogs’ teeth and under the gums, leading to bad breath, infections, loss of teeth and worse. As with humans, regular brushing and other good oral care practices — including flossing — are critical for dogs. The pioneering design of Yummy Combs takes canine dental health to the next level.”

The Shape Makes All the Difference

Co-created by thought leaders in veterinary medicine, physiology and nutritional science, Yummy Combs feature a six-sided perimeter filled with small hexagonal pockets, like a honeycomb. When dogs bite down on the treats, the thin walls of the hexagons surround their teeth, flossing, scrubbing and cleaning teeth from the top and bottom jaw simultaneously. The patented design also flosses to the gum line, gently massaging and lifting the gums to deter gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Yummy Combs come in five different sizes based on dog weight. When dogs are fed the right size for their weight, the width of the treats prevents dogs from gulping them down in one bite and encourages them to chew longer to derive the maximum oral care benefits.

“Yummy Combs were specifically designed to work like dental floss for a more complete cleaning than any other canine dental treat,” says Joe Roetheli, pet product entrepreneur, founder of Pets Best Life and and co-inventor of Yummy Combs. “We all know how important brushing and flossing is for our own health. The same is true for our dogs’ overall wellness and best life, and Yummy Combs make flossing a pleasure — not a pain — for dogs.”

In addition to their unique, functional shape, Yummy Combs feature:

  • great taste
  • a 44 percent protein-rich recipe, primarily comprised of chicken and containing all essential amino acids for dogs, developed by a Board Certified veterinary nutritionist
  • 12 wellness ingredients to boost energy, joint health and mobility
  • a complete and balanced formula for better canine nutrition, developed by a Board Certified veterinary nutritionist

Available nationwide

Yummy Combs are available at independent pet retailers, at PetSmart stores, and at veterinarian offices in the United States. They can also be ordered online at and, coming soon, at and Packages come in five sizes for extra small to extra big dogs. Always feed the correct size treat based on your dog’s weight. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a 340-gram package is $19.99 to $21.99. Each Yummy Comb is individually wrapped to ensure freshness. For more information, visit

About Pet’s Best Life
Yummy Combs are the first pet product innovation developed by Pet’s Best Life, a Kansas City-based company dedicated to helping pets live their best lives through quality nutrition and oral care. Pet’s Best Life is comprised of thought leaders and pet lovers with expertise in veterinary medicine, physiology, biochemistry and chemical engineering. Led by Dr. Joe and Judy Roetheli, the team has decades of experience in animal nutrition and health and has commercialized some of the world’s most innovative, loved and trusted pet products.

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Yummy Combs' novel honeycomb shape flosses between and around dogs' teeth and gums -- where oral disease can start

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