Election Day: How to find your assigned precinct in Florida

Can’t imagine what would be more frustrating on Election Day — Tuesday, Nov. 3 —

Can’t imagine what would be more frustrating on Election Day — Tuesday, Nov. 3 — than standing in line for an hour or more only to have the poll worker tell you you can’t vote here once you get inside and tantalizingly close to the booth.

We can help you avoid this irritation by reminding you that on Election Day, state law requires that voters who choose to vote in person and wait until the official Election Day must go to their assigned polling place.

Don’t know where that is?

How to find your assigned precinct

Check your voter’s registration card. Your precinct and its address is printed on the card.

Can’t find the card? You can go online to your county Supervisor of Elections’ website or use the Florida Division of Election’s Voter Information Lookup page and simply input your name and birth date. Your Election Day precinct’s location will be listed along with other information pertinent to you.

You can also use this page ahead of time, like now, to check to make sure your registration is up to date. If you moved you should have alerted the Elections Department so that you could have been assigned a polling place. You can do this on this page ahead of time, too. You can use this page to request a vote-by-mail ballot but you only have until Oct. 24 to do so.

If you voted early in the two week period ahead of Election Day — Oct. 19-Nov. 1 in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach and until Oct 31 in Monroe — the page will also tell you of your status, such as “You voted at an Early Voting Location.”

You can’t drop your mail-in ballot at a drop box at your assigned precinct on Election Day if you haven’t mailed it or dropped it off at an early voting site when those locations were open. You can bring it with you, though, to have it canceled if you’ve changed your mind and want to vote in person.

County election department phones

In Miami-Dade you can also call 305-499-8683 to find your precinct information.

In Broward, you can call 954-357-7050.

In Monroe, you can call 305-292-3416.

In Palm Beach, you can call 561-656-6200.

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