ENDO Ethos Hemp Store Opens In Huntington

HUNTINGTON, NY — ENDO Ethos, a hemp CBD retailer, is open for business in Huntington

HUNTINGTON, NY — ENDO Ethos, a hemp CBD retailer, is open for business in Huntington Village. CBD, which stands for Cannabidiol, is commonly used for stress and anxiety, pain, sleep and inflammation.

Husband and wife owners Clark and Chrissy Ruggeri held the soft opening of their second ENDO Ethos location on Aug. 1. The 289 Main St. location is in the heart of the village and is a larger space than their flagship Northport shop. The couple signed their lease in November — before the coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic’s harsh impact on merchants made them consider backing out on the lease, Chrissy said. Ultimately, they felt their products would benefit customers at a time some need them most.

“We decided there’s no better time than now, as people are struggling with stress and anxiety, and trying to boost their health naturally,” Chrissy told Patch. “Now we’re trying to build some momentum and make sure people know we’re there.”

The store specializes in hemp-derived products such as oils placed under one’s tongue, capsules, gummies, topical items applied to inflamed areas, flower, as well as beauty and pet goods.

Hemp interacts with hormones, brain chemicals, and major body systems, according to Chrissy. Other than helping with stress or insomnia, the products can benefit the immune system long term. The compounds in hemp, including CBD, interact with receptors in the immune system that also connect to neurotransmitters, or chemicals in the brain, she said.

“Even micro-dosing with a hemp extract — small amounts every day as part of your health regimen — can have a tremendous impact in the long term,” Chrissy said. “Not only will it help relieve stress or anxiety in that six-hour period it works in the body, but it’s also interacting with hormones and chemicals in the body to maintain balance. It’s having a long term effect on your wellness. It is preventative. It’s not a band-aid like an over-the-counter pain reliever that would fix the issue for the moment; it’s something that’s actually working to correct the problem internally. That’s why it’s so powerful and such an exciting plant to have available now.”

A look at the interior of ENDO Ethos (Credit: Clark Ruggeri)
A look at the interior of ENDO Ethos (Credit: Clark Ruggeri)

The Ruggeris have some concerns about opening a new store in the uncertainty of the coronavirus outbreak, Chrissy said.

“People are not in the village walking around shopping like they used to be,” she said. “They may be more prone to just shop online. I’m also confident that people understand that now, more than ever, we need to shop locally.”

The couple also believes people will find their wares useful.

“We’re confident this is a product that will help people, especially now, as people are trying to boost their immune systems and their overall wellness,” Chrissy said. “As soon as people know about us, they’re going to be coming back to us, and they’ll enjoy what we have to offer.”

The same hemp products are also sold at the Northport shop. However, the significantly larger Huntington venue allows for other items: hand-crafted jewelry, artwork, t-shirts and a rotating pop-up shop.

The new space also features a lounge area with a couch, table and chairs. The Ruggeris plan to host a few workshops each month where people can learn about their health and plant-based medicine. There are plans to make it a community space, according to Chrissy. The first workshop, on stress and inflammation, is scheduled for 7 p.m. Aug. 15.

The lounge area of ENDO Ethos' Huntington spot. (Credit: Clark Ruggeri)
The lounge area of ENDO Ethos’ Huntington spot. (Credit: Clark Ruggeri)

The response to the shop has been good, though a bit slow, Chrissy said. A small budget has led to a lack of advertising, but the owners have received “really great” feedback. Education is a core aspect of the owners’ mission, as a free consultation will be offered to anyone who walks in and wants to learn about the medicinal or therapeutic effects of hemp.

“When people leave the store, not only do they have one of the best products on the market, but they also know exactly how to use it for their specific needs,” Chrissy said. “I think that’s really important in this market, because it’s very confusing and brand new. There’s a lot of low-quality products on the market right now that people are using, and then they’re not working. So they think maybe it’s a scam, because it doesn’t work. But when you get the right products, and you’re taught how to use it properly, it really can do amazing things.”

The original store in Northport is doing well, though the physical spot was shut down for nearly three months due to COVID-19, according to Chrissy. The business survived as customers shopped on the ENDO Ethos website. Products are available for shipping, pickup or delivery within a 10-mile radius of either store.

“We survived,” Chrissy said. “I’m thankful for that. I think it goes back to the fact that people were feeling really on edge and felt like they needed something to help them get through the stress and anxiety. That’s what we were providing. Thankfully, we had a following throughout the months we were closed.”

ENDO Ethos Huntington can be reached at 631-264-5891, while the Northport store, at 112 Main St., can be called at 631-264-5891. The business can also be followed on Instagram for updates.

ENDO Ethos in Huntington (Credit: Clark Ruggeri)
ENDO Ethos in Huntington (Credit: Clark Ruggeri)

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