Health inspectors typically make two annual inspections to commercial kitchens per year, including restaurants, food trucks, VFW posts and more. (Photo: Tero Vesalainen, Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Inspectors from Oakland County visit restaurants each month to make sure food safety protocols are being followed as facilities started to reopen dining rooms earlier that month to make sure food safety protocols are being followed.

Health inspections take place year-round at restaurants and other places with commercial kitchens, although it has slowed down for much of 2020 as dining rooms were ordered closed on multiple occasions by the state in an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19, which has infected tens of thousands statewide since first being found in Michigan in March.

Dining rooms remained open for several months before the state Department of Health and Human Services ordered indoor dining closed for a three- week period beginning in mid-November.

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Included here is a list of restaurants in several Hometown Life communities that inspectors found priority violations, which are the most serious violations that could lead to foodborne illness. Those communities are Bingham Farms, Birmingham, Bloomfield Township, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Franklin, Novi, Lyon Township, South Lyon, Milford, Milford Township, Highland Township, Wixom and Walled Lake. This month, we’ve begun checking and adding priority violations from a new, nearby community: White Lake Township.

Some communities had no restaurants with priority violations last month, according to data posted by the county online.

Bloomfield Township

2941 Street Food, 6450 Telegraph

1. 1) Tzatziki sauce with commissary expiration date of 10/11/20 in walk in cooler. 2) Mango aioli with commissary expiration date of 10/11/20 in walk in cooler. Today’s date 10/14/20.


Alexandria Mediterranean Cuisine, 43155 Main St.

1. Observed fresh garlic sauce improperly holding at 51 for 3 hours per the person in charge located in the Pepsi wait station cooler.

Ka Hing Chinese restaurant, 45017 Pontiac Trail

1. Observed a carton of raw shell eggs stored on top of containers of sauce inside of the walk-in cooler.

Novi Breakfast Club, 24255 Novi

1. Observed several boxes of gloves used for preparing food, improperly stored on the chemical rack next to chemical products.

2. Observed the following potentially hazardous foods past the facility use by date mark on the main cook line: 1. One container of facility made Cajun dressing 10/14/2020. 2. One container of cooked ground meat 10/14/2020. Note: Observed on 10/15/2020.

Texas Roadhouse, 26730 Adell Center Dr.

1. Observed the following cross contamination in the meat walk in cooler: 1. One container of vegetable skewers stored between two containers of beef kabob skewers.

2. Observed sanitizer buckets improperly stored at the service stations throughout the main kitchen next to consumer food and clean equipment.

South Lyon

Lefty’s Cheesesteak, 399 S. Lafayette

1. 1. Bag of chopped romaine stored in the small two door cooler was visibly spoiled and past the manufacturer discard date of 10/15. 2. Bag of shredded lettuce stored in the upright, two door, reach-in cooler in the back of the facility was visibly spoiled and past the manufacturer discard date of 10/17. 3. Bag of cut leafy greens stored in the two door, upright, reach-in cooler in the back of the facility, was visibly spoiled.

2. 1. Raw beef patties stored above hot dogs in the top-loading reach-in cooler. 2. Ham stored next to raw beef in the two door reach-in cooler in the back of the facility.

3. 1. Several containers of soap stored above the prep sink containing clean linens. 2. Sanitizer bucket stored next single service items at the front counter.

4. 1. Open container of pizza sauce stored in the dry storage room was 59F. Person in charge stated it had been stored in there less than 1 hour. 2. Single service containers of ranch dressing stored on top of the reach-in, top-loading cooler were 53F. Person in charge stated they had been stored there less than 2 hours. 3. Cherry pepper sauce stored on top of the prep table was 49F. Person in charge stated it had been stored there less than 1 hour. 4. Two rolls of chili sauce stored on the counter were 46-47F. Person in charge stated it had been stored there less than 1 hour.

Walled Lake

Benstein Grill, 2435 Benstein

1. An aerosol can of stainless steel cleaner was observed on shelving above a top loading refrigeration unit.

PJ’s Dairy Twist, 2660 Benstein

1. Observed two containers of pesticide not labeled for use in a food establishment.

2. A small working container of sanitizer was observed on the glass top of an ice cream chest freezer.

Skosh Catering, 126 Ferland 

1. The drain line originating in the ice maker did not discharge through an in-direct connection to the sewage system.


Katherine’s Catering at Lyon Oaks, 52251 Pontiac Trail

1. The drain line originating in the ice bin behind the bar was directly connected to the sewage system.

McDonald’s, 49450 Grand River

1. A shut-off valve (wye splitter) was installed downstream of the faucet mounted atmospheric vacuum breaker at the mop sink faucet. Note: a vented tee was connected to the chemical dispenser plumbing system but not in a manner that protects the atmospheric vacuum breaker.

Quizno’s, 29814 S. Wixom

1. Clean linen was stored next to cleaning chemicals.

White Lake Township

White Lake Oaks Golf Course Grill Room, 991 N. Williams

1. Blade/guard on deli slicer soiled for unknown length of time.

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