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Refinery29 All The Lifestyle Products We’ve Tried & Loved In March After spending the vast


All The Lifestyle Products We’ve Tried & Loved In March

After spending the vast majority of our time at home, R29’s collective household product game is pretty sophisticated. At least once a week, we get into a long Slack conversation about some cool new item that’s been absolutely saving or changing or elevating our lives. Kitchen staples dominate this month’s list of products we can’t stop raving about — but items that helped us work from home more comfortably and take care of pandemic pets made the cut too.At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.The Olive Oil from Pineapple Collaborative”I knew olive oil could be good, but I didn’t know it could be this good. When my doctor suggested I cut out dairy (with all these stomach problems, I must be very hot), I was at a deep loss mostly because I live for dairy-filled salad dressing. In place of my beloved Caesar dressing, I now mix a generous amount of this olive oil with a crack of salt and pepper for a decidedly delicious salad dressing alternative.” — Hannah Rimm, Money Diaries Associate EditorPineapple Collaborative The Olive Oil, $, available at Pineapple CollaborativeCoravin Model Three Wine Preservation System “This was my biggest splurge during COVID and now I can’t believe I ever lived without it. The Coravin system allows wine drinkers to remove one glass from a bottle of wine without removing the cork, and while keeping the wine perfectly preserved. The system was definitely made with fancy wine drinkers in mind who want to make their $100 bottles of wine last, but for me, it’s been a godsend when I can’t have people over to share the wine. Now, a bottle of wine can last me a few weeks instead of just two or three days before it goes down the drain. Truly, a miraculous invention.” — HRCoravin Coravin™ Model Three Wine Preservation System in Black, $, available at Waterloo Pineapple Sparkling Water”The seltzer world has been seriously lacking in the pineapple flavor world, so I squealed when Waterloo released a pineapple can. The pineapple flavor is realistic and juicy without being overpowering or sweet. Plus, as always, Waterloo’s bubbles are the perfect size — not too small and not too in your face, but still very fizzy. Excellent for sipping while working from home or mixed with a little rum for a lighter piña colada.” — HRWaterloo Sparkling Water Pineapple, $, available at AmazonThe Wild One Walk & Play Set”A lot of us new dog parents are looking to swag out our pups. I had been eyeing Wild One’s sleek products for some time, but was impressed with the quality of the harness and all the toys, too. This is a great starter pack if you have a new dog in your life and comes with all the essentials and then some. As a bonus: Wild One also has a great selection of treats and supplements.” — Leora Yashari, Senior News EditorWild One Wild One Walk & Play Set, $, available at Wild OneCurve Computer Stand “This is probably the only thing I use every day. I work from home exclusively on a laptop, and it’s doing horrible things to my body. This laptop stand prevents neck aches. It’s very light, doesn’t take up too much space, and has convenient grip pads to secure my laptop while I work.” — Mirel Zaman, senior wellness editorTwelve South Twelve South Curve, $, available at Twelve SouthFly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp”After months of being relentlessly targeted by this brand’s Instagram ads, I finally caved and I’m so glad I did! I’m a big hot sauce person, but this chili crisp adds a ton of flavor in addition to straight heat — my favorite. I like it on eggs, pizza, salmon toast… basically everything I’ve tried it on thus far.” — MZFly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp, $, available at HuckberryDash Clear View Toaster “The true sign of a functioning adult is a functioning toaster. One that doesn’t burn your bagel to a crisp. And one that can fit an entire piece of oblong sourdough bread inside. For years, I had a hand-me-down toaster that couldn’t handle these basics, but then I grew up and found this chic, serviceable one. It has seven browning levels and a bagel setting (which, pro-tip, I use for almost everything I want crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside). It also has defrosting and reheating options. The best part? You can keep an eye on your toast through the glass window so when it pops up, it won’t look like it was just spewed from the molten lava of a volcano.” — Molly Longman, health and wellness reporterDash Clear View Toaster, $, available at DashDiaspora Co. Aranya Pepper”You might not think that something as simple as the kind of black pepper you use could make much of a difference in your life. Well, you’d be wrong. I mean, I was wrong, because that’s exactly what I thought prior to trying Diaspora Co.’s Aranya Pepper. I first noticed the difference when I unscrewed the lid to the little glass jar and inhaled a scent as complex and engaging as a just opened-bottle of cabernet. It’s musky and spicy but also has the bright, warm notes of sun-ripened cherries and kumquats. And it really comes alive once it’s cracked over whatever it is I’m eating, enhancing everything from pasta to eggs to salads to curries to, well, I once cracked some over vanilla ice cream topped with a drizzle of grassy-green olive oil, and it was delicious.” — Kristin Iversen, Director of Lifestyle, Wellbeing, & Social Issues Diaspora Co. Aranya Pepper, $, available at Diaspora Co.Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle”I am not what you’d call a coffee snob (in the past I’ve been known to say that I like my coffee to taste ‘brown’), but I am what you’d call a person who spends way, way too much money on iced coffee. I’ve tried to change my ways, but making good (or even just good enough!) iced coffee at home always involved too many steps, taking far too long for what was often a sub-par product. Well, all that has changed with the introduction of this mind-blowingly easy (and, let’s face it, very sleek and good-looking) cold brew carafe. Here’s all I need to do to have perfect cold brew: Pour coffee grounds into the carafe’s filter, add cold water to the bottle, put the top on, and stick it in my fridge. A few hours later? I’ve got smooth, rich iced coffee without even a hint of bitterness, grit, or unwelcome acidity. I couldn’t love it any more.” — KIHario Hario Cold Brew Bottle, $, available at Blue Bottle CoffeeBornn Colorama Bowls”I’m sorry, but is there anything better than eating out of a bowl? No, there isn’t. Particularly if you, like me, have been eating a lot of meals curled up on your couch (or bed) rather than making the effort to, you know, sit at a table. These bowls are particularly fun with their vibrant colors in a kinder-core kind of a way, and, since they’re made with enamel, have the added benefit of keeping your hot food hot and your cold food cold. Me? I eat everything out of bowls now. I barely even know what plates are anymore.” — KI Bornn Colorama Bowl, $, available at Coming SoonEmber Mug”I love coffee — who doesn’t — but I always tend to drink it slow, which means that the last few sips become lukewarm and utterly undrinkable. When I tell you that this mug changed my life, I’m not exaggerating. It keeps my coffee hot for up to an hour and a half on a full charge, and you can customize exactly how hot you want your drink to be to the exact degree (I like mine at 142 degrees, thanks). I’ve had this in my possession for a few months now, and I can confidently say that I will never drink out of another mug again. The only caveat is that I wish it was bigger!” — Elizabeth Gulino, health & wellness writerEmber Ember Mug²: Metallic Collection, $, available at EmberLike what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?The Wellness Products We Tried & Loved In FebruaryUnilever Bans The Word “Normal” From ProductsR29 Readers Confess Their Amazon Hidden Gems

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