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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2020 / When it comes to cosmetic

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2020 / When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, 5 Star Smiles founder, and President Danielle Noguera offers only the best dental practitioners in the industry to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. The company’s team of highly skilled and well-experienced dentists are some of the industry’s best practitioners with over 25 years of unmatched experience delivering quality services to clients. The company is a powerhouse of remarkable dentists, from cosmetic specialists to university professors, educational course developers, and CE credit providers.

5 Star Smiles also takes pride in its exceptional customer service, making the company one of the most sought after dental clinics in the south Florida area. After only a few years since it started its services, it attracted multiple clients as a result of their exceptional dental services, excellent standards, a roster of outstanding dentists, and the customer care that follows each appointment. Equipped with most of the industry’s most advanced dental equipment, the clinic offers a wide array of services that include root canals, oral surgery, implants fillings, dental emergencies, smile makeovers, and veneers.

“The success that we have achieved so far is due to the fact that we never gave up even in the hardest of times. We continued in forging forward and implementing the vision and goals that I had set to myself and my team,” Danielle Noguera shares. The company’s roadmap to success can be attributed to its strategic focus, the people, the seamless operations, outstanding marketing, and their commendable assets. By investing in cutting edge and novel technologies such as radiography, in-office CAD/CAM, implants, online record keeping, and intraoral cameras, the company is able to provide many dentists the opportunity to use state-of-the-art and modern technology to serve patients.

The cosmetic dentistry services intend to bring out the client’s best smile at the end of every procedure. The objective is to boost their confidence, make them feel good about the way they look, and allow them to socialize comfortably. Doing a smile makeover is one of 5 Star Smiles’ most sought after services. The dentists in the company can fix too much gum showing, old or broken fillings, an irregular bite, chipped or cracked teeth, non-symmetrical teeth, and regular wear and tear, among others. Aside from veneers, the company also offers laser dentistry, botox and fillers, teeth whitening, and gummy surgery.

All procedures begin with a dental consultation where dentists make a thorough assessment of the client’s teeth. After making a diagnosis, the dentist will then inquire about the client’s overall expectations for treatment. Thereafter, the dentist develops a tailored dental treatment that will meet the results expected by the client. In the case of cosmetic dentistry clients, they are given an exact image of what to expect after various dental procedures. If the recommendation is not workable for the client, the dentist would be happy to recommend an alternative dental procedure that will achieve the same objective.

Overall, 5 Star Smiles’ clients always end up with a beautiful smile on their faces. “Best experience at a dentist ever! The staff is warm, knowledgeable, and very clear on every part of the process of getting my teeth fixed. If I could give them ten stars, I would! Walking out with my new smile, I felt on top of the world and excited to smile! Thank you so much, you changed my life,” says happy client Samuel N.

This year, 5 Star Smiles is committed to elevating their brand of service to further improve the satisfaction of their clients one smile at a time.

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