How to Become a Lululemon Ambassador, Test Products & More Perks

Lululemon customers can take their love of staying fit to the next level by applying

Lululemon customers can take their love of staying fit to the next level by applying to be an ambassador for the brand.

The athletic company is constantly on the lookout for new members to try out their products, whether you’re an influencer, personal trainer or just someone who loves to work out a sweat. There are a few programs perspective ambassadors can apply to, the Lululemon Collective and the Sweat Collective have applications you can fill out online. However, customers interested in becoming a store ambassador or global ambassador should visit the closest Lululemon location to learn more.

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Accepted members of the Lululemon Collective and the Sweat Collective receive perks such as testing out products, discounts and earning a commission. Below, take a closer look at how Lululemon customers can apply online to become a member and get perks.

The Lululemon Collective

The Lululemon Collective is geared towards customers who are active, but not necessarily a pro athlete. The affiliate program encourages running enthusiasts, yogis, or really, any “entrepreneurially-spirited guests” to apply. Members of the Lululemon Collective help promote products and services in exchange for perks and commission.

To apply, customers have the choice of filling out a form online or visit a Lululemon location to snag an application.

Once accepted, Lululemon will give you a commission on all orders that come from your unique clicks. Perks also include early access or new products and events. Lululemon’s website states that the brand will teach you how to create unique links to the product. Then, it’s up to you to create content to promote the product. After you post the product on your website or social media page with the links, every product purchased through the link will grant you a commission from the brand.

The Sweat Collective

The Sweat Collective focuses on “leaders in sweat.” Customers should note that this program doesn’t focus on earning a commission for its members, but it does include an exclusive discount code that can be applied at checkout.

Potential members of Lululemon’s Sweat Collective include:

Lululemon customers interested in applying to the Sweat Collective can learn more on the brand’s website as well as fill out a short application online. Sweat Collective candidates can also visit the closest Lululemon store for more details.

Once customers have completed their Sweat Collective application and get verified as a member, Lululemon will send an email with a discount code. Shoppers who already have a Lululemon account should make sure they apply using the same email.

At checkout, members can put their special code into the promo code section of the website and the discount will be applied.

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