How To Snag an Affordable Spin Bike for $300 on Prime Day

If you’ve spent the last six months ping ponging between whether or not to invest

If you’ve spent the last six months ping ponging between whether or not to invest in an at-home spin bike, consider this your sign that it’s time to buy: Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, you can score one of the best affordable spin bikes on the market for only $300.

You can save 15 percent on the Circuit Fitness Bike—which normally retails for $334—from now until October 14. It’s got a durable, steel frame and a manual resistance mechanism that allows you to pump up the power to make your workout as hard as you’d like. The design is ergonomically-friendly and features an adjustable, road bike-style saddle (perfect for mastering the art of the tap back) and foam handlebars that move both vertically and horizontally to work with your body.

Though it doesn’t come with the same high-tech connectivity powers as a Peloton or SoulCycle bike (which will run you $1895 and $2500, respectively), it does have a conveniently placed media holder where you can park your phone or iPad to stream classes from while you ride. And what’s more? It’s got wheels, which means it’s easy to move and store when it’s not in use. According to reviews on Amazon, it’s a solid stationary bike that will make you seriously sweat and help you mark off your cardio for the day.

No matter what type of bike you’re using, spinning has proven time and time again to be a solid workout for both your body and brain. It gives you a burst of cardio while being easier on your joints than, say, running or HIIT, and the interval-style format of most spin classes will help up your metabolic rate. Plus (as is the case with all high-intensity cardio) it will spike your endorphins to help boost your mood, and is an easy way to fight off afternoon brain fog and improve concentration. All of that for $300? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Circuit Fitness Bike, $300 ($334 value)

Photo: Amazon

Shop now: Circuit Fitness Bike, $300 ($334 value)

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