Ingraham: Biden alliance with teachers’ unions should alarm women wary of Trump

President Trump could make gains among women by pointing out Joe Biden’s support of teachers’

President Trump could make gains among women by pointing out Joe Biden’s support of teachers’ unions who have pushed to keep schools closed to in-person instruction amid the coronavirus pandemic, Laura Ingraham suggested Tuesday.

“The Ingraham Angle” host cited a recent New York Times poll that showed Trump leading Biden among likely male voters by six percentage points, but trailing by 23 percentage points among women.

“If that poll is anywhere near accurate, the president would have a hard time closing that gap with women but he could narrow it,” said Ingraham, who added that many media members and public health authorities have “frightened and misled” women across the country about the nature of COVID-19.

“They are afraid the kids will go to school and they will get sick or they will bring sickness back to their own communities and back to their own homes,” she said, “when any honest adult knows virtual learning is a train wreck for almost every kid out there, especially for those who are poor.

“But Biden and his handlers don’t care about the kids,” she continued. “They keep concerning themselves with what their political allies think: The teachers’ union. They need to keep them happy.”

Ingraham pointed out that in Fairfax County, Va., one of the richest school districts in America, the local union has pushed to keep classrooms closed until August of 2021.

“This is child abuse,” she alleged. “My hope is school officials see how damaging it will be to children but my expectations are low.”

“The left,” Ingraham went on, “doesn’t care about the science it invokes if it conflicts with their goals … Teachers’ unions are ignoring the science to make absurd demands.”

The host later warned that “with Biden in the White House, what we are seeing in Fairfax County will be happening nationwide. You won’t be able to just move across county or state lines to escape. Your child won’t see the inside of a classroom for a very long time.


“What he or she learns online about America will be left-wing propaganda courtesy of the 1619 Project,” Ingraham continued. “Under President Biden this scenario might be great for Black Lives Matter and the NEA but horrendous in every other way. How can any parent, especially any mom, support this?

“I think women are naturally protective of our children. That’s just the way we are,” she concluded. “For this reason alone, female voters should drop their old hang-ups about Trump. He is not the heartless or mean force in this race. He is the opposite. He wants your sons and daughters in school and learning. He wants you to be free to work for your family.”

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