Jacob Blake sends message to supporters from hospital

Jacob Blake – the black man who was shot repeatedly by a white police officer

Jacob Blake – the black man who was shot repeatedly by a white police officer in the US state of Wisconsin last month – has said he is in constant pain in a video posted online.

Mr Blake, who, family say, may now be paralysed from the waist down, also struck a hopeful note, saying there was a “lot more life to live”.

The 29-year-old was shot seven times in the back as he was being arrested.

The incident re-ignited protests over racism and police brutality in the US.

Some of the protests in Kenosha, the city where Mr Blake was shot, turned violent, with two people killed.

An investigation into Mr Blake’s shooting continues.

Meanwhile, Mr Blake has appeared in court, pleading not guilty to criminal charges filed before the shooting on Friday.

What did Mr Blake say?

In a video posted to Twitter by his family’s lawyer, Mr Blake – still in his hospital bed – spoke of the pain he was suffering.

“Every 24 hours it’s pain, nothing but pain. It hurts to breathe, it hurts to sleep, it hurts to move from side to side, it hurts to eat,” he said.

“Your life, and not only just your life, your legs, something you need to move around and forward in life, can be taken from you like this,” he said, clicking his fingers.

“Stick together, make some money, make everything easier for our people out there, man, because there’s so much time that’s been wasted,” he added.

How did the shooting occur?

A police officer shot Mr Blake while trying to arrest him as he tried to get into a car where his three children were seated.

Mr Blake was not armed when he was shot but a knife was later found in his car by investigators.

Videos of the shooting, which were uploaded online, sparked a series of protests in Kenosha, which turned violent at points. Two protesters were killed amid widespread looting and vandalism. A 17-year-old has been charged over the deaths.

Both President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden have since visited the city.

Mr Biden spoke over the phone with Mr Blake and met his relatives. He has called for the officer who shot him in the back to be arrested.

The president did not meet Mr Blake’s family, saying it was because they wanted lawyers present.

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