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Jesy Nelson admits social media pressures make her not want to have children. The Little

Jesy Nelson admits social media pressures make her not want to have children.

The Little Mix star – who has been subjected to vile trolling online since she found fame – admits she worries about having kids one day as she knows only too well how social media can affect someone’s mental health.

She said: “It makes me not want to have a kid. Those insecurities that we all have now because of social media, imagine having that embedded in you as a child?”

Whilst Leigh-Anne Pinnock added: “There was a time when it was worse than it is now. I guess we’re taking steps forward, but I fear for my future daughters.”

And Jesy admits being in the music industry made her and her bandmates – including Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall – question themselves.

She explained: “Before we got in the group, I never looked at myself and thought, ‘I don’t like that’ – I don’t think any of us did. I never thought, ‘Oh god, I’m fat’, and then we got in the industry, and we all started wanting to change things about ourselves. It’s so sad. There are things [in the past] I definitely wish I hadn’t done. But would I be the person I am today if I hadn’t gone through all of that?”

However, the girl group are quick to insist that they feel very privileged to have the career they do.

Perrie said: “Little Mix has changed our lives for the better, and our families’ lives, and we have achieved so much.”

Whilst Jesy added: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to sit here and say we’ve got a terrible life, because we haven’t, but I do think our innocence was taken from us … When it’s you on your own dealing with something personally, it’s completely different. You feel so vulnerable alone, but we are a force when we’re together.”

The ‘Confetti’ hitmakers have been criticised in the past for wearing revealing clothing, something they find particularly frustrating.

Speaking in a group interview with the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, Jade said: “When it’s men, it’s celebrated, but the minute women sexualise themselves and feel powerful doing it, we’re told to rein it in. We’re conditioned to think that women are there to be these innocent and pure beings and the minute you step out of that, it’s carnage.”

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