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The Artah At Home programme Artah Virtual wellness has become the reality of 2021. From

Virtual wellness has become the reality of 2021. From at-home fitness classes via Zoom or digital retreats, more than ever before our worlds, our work and our wellbeing are guided by online communities and information. Fitness brands, beauty brands and leading practitioners are all going digital.

Lumity Booster Supplement

With a focus on energy and clarity, Lumity has created a new booster supplement. It’s a daily vegan capsule that contains scientifically tested ingredients chosen to support the body through moments of listlessness, such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, biotin, zinc, vitamin C and iron.

Champo Haircare

Rooted in ancient Indian heritage, Champo’s formulas are devised and produced in the UK. Each ingredient is carefully chosen and tested in this boutique haircare brand. Not dissimilar to star signs and astrology, the haircare ranges are named after the three Ayurvedic Dosha types: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurveda believes we all possess a unique balance of these Doshas, with one proving dominant and it’s only after answering a series of detailed questions that you determine which is right for you.

Mahabis Curve Slippers

These limited-edition leopard print slippers make the perfect work from home companion. Elegant yet practical, they are made from 100 percent cowhide and organic wool, and the design helps to regulate the temperature of your foot. A brand proudly centred around downtime, the designers of Mahabis slippers looked to the traditional casual footwear of Morocco, Scandinavia and India for inspiration, while creating their shoes from a design studio in London.

Louisa Drake At Home

Louisa Drake is a fitness expert, founder and creator of The Louisa Drake Method. She’s worked with some of Hollywood’s leading ladies, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham as part of Tracy Anderson’s elite team in LA and NYC. Louisa’s method draws both on her extensive industry experience and her background as a professional dancer and choreographer.

Root + Fruit

Founded by a London-based couple, Wild Science Lab has created a collection of natural yet effective products to balance, neutralize, shield and hydrate. All the bright pink packaging is responsibly sourced, renewable and recyclable 

Ichiba Japanese Grocer

Tak Tokumine founded Japan Centre Group in 1976 in London with a desire to bring the best authentic food, drinks, books and homewares from Japan to the UK. And now Ichiba delivers, both long-life grocery items and fresh sushi across the capital. From at-home ramen kits to the best-quality soy sauce, from fresh cats curries to frozen Mochi balls, the site offers authentic products and rare regional produce from some of the best producers and farmers.

August and Piers

There is no denying that the luxury candle market is saturated. But these simple yet elegant candles hit all the right notes. With its clean design aesthetic, the brand was created to celebrate individuality and all those curious characters one knows and loves. By developing captivating fragrances, the team at August & Piers hopes to inspire others to express themselves in their own unique ways.

Grounded Protein

Grounded makes a range of 100 percent natural and plant-based protein shakes. The chic packaging is all entirely recyclable and sustainability is key to the brand identity.

Luna And Fennel

Luna & Fennel is a small, independent food company producing homemade cauliflower crust pizzas that are plant-based, gluten-free and 100 percent natural. The brand’s founder Leanne Masi spent a number of years selling at street food markets, hosting supper clubs and catering events, before launching the first ready made, chilled pizza to pop in the oven at home and enjoy. The pizzas are a loving nod to the simplicity and deliciousness of Italian cooking.

Detox Kitchen And Thomasina Miers

Detox Kitchen founder Lily Simpson and Wahaca’s Thomasina Miers have collaborated on a delicious range of fresh, seasonal ready meals available on both the Detox Kitchen website and in store at Selfridges and Planet Organic. Packed with flavour and vibrancy, the meals seek to bring nourishment, comfort and convenience to everyday life. The enchilada lasagne, available as both veggie or with chicken, sees layers of corn tortilla, coriander rice, sweet potato and black beans paired with a rich and smokey chipotle sauce. The baked rigatoni in a creamy, tomatillo sauce with kale, borlotti beans and squash is a comforting end-of-day meal. And the chilli con or non carne is a modern twist on the classic.

Artah At Home

“Health doesn’t just mean the absence of disease, it is an active state of vitality, which requires time, investment and care,” explains Artah founder Rhian Stephenson. And it’s with this in mind that Stephenson created the brand’s signature at-home programme, designed to help you reset your mind and reconnect to your body. Combining nutrition, movement and mindfulness, this is as far from a crash diet as it gets. A three-phase 28-day total body reset, Artah is designed to help you increase energy, decrease stress, improve digestion and lose weight. Easy to follow, the programme includes over 120 predominantly plant-based recipes that are also free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, as well as tips and tools to help you maintain your results once you’ve finished.

 Heartcore At Home

Beyond the obvious physical benefits, exercise helps improve your mood, sleep and overall mental health. Beloved London-based fitness group Heartcore has recently launched a series of live-streamed and on-demand workouts, brilliantly adapted for clients signing on from their homes.

Daily Essentials By Wild Nutrition

Loaded with the key vitamins and minerals to support women with busy lifestyles—including Omega 3, Vitamin D and a powerful multivitamin—the new Daily Essentials kit from Wild Nutrition is an easy addition to our every day. Made with the highest-quality ingredients, each box contains a month’s supply of supplements delivered in ingenious plastic-free, recyclable sachets.

Love Purpose Connection Podcast By Estelle Bingham

Promoting self-improvement but without any judgment, Estelle Bingham is a London-based holistic therapist and healer who works with people feeling lost, stuck and out of balance. Now, in her new podcast Love Purpose Connection, Bingham hosts a series of frank and inspiring conversations, sharing both her own insights and those of her high-profile guests. The newly launched first season includes ardent interviews with entrepreneur and make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury, WAH nails founder and business pioneer Sharmadean Reid, transcendental meditation guru Bob Roth, entrepreneur and photographer Jo Wood, actress and philanthropist Donna Air and many more.

Tea And Me

A loose tea brand designed to help create moments of pause and to structure your day, Tea & Me focuses on the ritual of drinking tea. Each tea in the range is made from natural ingredients that do not contain any chemicals, additives or artificial flavours. Furthermore, all of the teas are hand-blended in the U.K.


Available in four fragrances—mint, coconut, strawberry and orange—Cocofloss is an eco-friendly, dentist-founded brand created to change the way the U.K. flosses. Combining fun and function, while helping to combat bad breath, yellowing teeth and gum disease, there has never been a better reason to floss.

Define London

It’s not easy to find a fitness solution that suits every body type and interest but Define London aims to do just that. The Define Method is for everyone of every age and fitness level. Define offers a range of adapted classes, all fused with energetic and uplifting music for non-stop, head-to-toe, strengthening and conditioning workout.


Bushbalm is a daily skincare and ingrown hair prevention product line that is 100 percent natural, not tested on animals, and the majority of the products won’t clog your pores! It’s designed for the areas you sometimes forget about: think bikini line, underarms, legs, upper lip, and anywhere else you might get irritations, bumps, or rashes from hair removal. Each of the products has been created to take care of our most sensitive areas that have been largely forgotten by mainstream beauty brands.

Highr Lipstick

Founded by a mother in two who spent her career working for mainstream makeup brands, the ethos behind Highr is to create a line of elegant products that high-performing and not harmful to the wearer and to the world. The lipstick cases are cleverly designed with a small concealed mirror and the shades all stand the test of time.

Neighbourhood Botanicals

Neighbourhood Botanicals products are all formulated by the founder, an ex-live sound engineer who tired of the touring lifestyle and retrained in skincare. But range isn’t huge but it’s well-thought-out. And the quirky yet high-quality packaging does not go unnoticed.

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