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Hello there! Welcome to our liveblog for Man Utd vs Spurs, the Jose Mourinho comeback

Hello there! Welcome to our liveblog for Man Utd vs Spurs, the Jose Mourinho comeback special. He’s already returned to Old Trafford since leaving a couple of seasons ago and having similar problems at his new club, with a squad of players who don’t quite seem to have the mentality he wants and needs to make the system work properly. Reguilon and Bale are big signings and statements of intent from the north London club though and we may come to see Mourinho’s team as a more fearsome outfit if referee decisions start going their way. The handball rule is not Spurs’ friend.

United haven’t started the season well, beaten by Crystal Palace and outplayed by Brighton, but they are only just back after a short pre-season and don’t have everyone quite fit. There are more excuses to be found but the clear problem is that they haven’t actually signed any players to make them better. Edinson Cavani would be a huge scoop if he does sign, but that may result in Anthony Martial being moved to the bench…

Actually, what will really happen is United’s forward line can finally be rotated and rested depending on form and fitness, rather than play every single game for 90 minutes each week and run themselves into the ground. The team news will be with us at 3:30 and we’ll have more of an idea of what’s going on then. Ole talks a good game anyway:

“When I came in and was given the job, I gave my view on what the team should look like and how to get there. I feel when we had these conversations, the club understood my view. In all honesty, results are always the key here. But the club also see what we are doing with the club, and what we want to do with the club.

“I’m not looking at other clubs in that way – of course I look at them in terms of keeping up with what’s going on – but other clubs have a way of running, we have our way of running our club.

“And of course, I’m very happy working with the players I’ve got. But also, the part of the job is to improve the squad all the time, and so far I’ve been backed. We are working hard to be competitive again, amongst the best.”

Kick off is 4:30, you can get live analysis and updates with me right here. Stick around!

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