Medicare Advantage: A Safety Net for Turbulent Times

As Chuck and Cathy look over the itemized list of services, they are stunned to

As Chuck and Cathy look over the itemized list of services, they are stunned to see that all of Cathy’s tests, medications, and doctor fees are cumulated in a bill that could require their life savings to pay. Without insurance, Chuck and Cathy would have to consider dipping into retirement savings, delaying retirement altogether, or even selling their house to finance the expenses.

Cathy and Chuck are hypothetical representations of situations that happen all too often. Thankfully, all Medicare Advantage and Affordable Care Act compliant plans have an Out-of-Pocket- Maximum. Many insurance companies are also waving testing and treatment costs for COVID-19! Although the specific amounts will vary from plan to plan, you can still use online tools to see your options. For Medicare Advantage plans, you can call Your Insurance Gal Agency for a link that allows you to compare Medicare plans that are available in your county in an easy to use side-by-side format. If you’re under 65, you can use the health insurance marketplace to look at plans in your service area. If you’re in Washington, these plans are available through the Washington Health Plan Finder at

Although plan information is at your fingertips the excess of information can be tough to wade through. With almost 40 Medicare Advantage plans and over 50 individual and family plans available in Clark county, it’s definitely worth your time to consult a local broker for guidance. If you need help understanding what benefits your coverage offers or if you want to see what other options you have, reach out to a local broker like Stacey Johnson and her team of agents at Your Insurance Gal Agency. They’ll take the time to learn about you and your needs and help you understand your options.

We can all agree that 2020 has brought about a lot of changes. Make sure you contact an experienced broker to ensure that you are covered in a manner that is best for you and your unique situation. In uncertain times, the greatest gift you can give yourself is peace of mind through a comprehensive insurance plan and a local independent broker who can make the process a breeze!

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