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Tough calls keep us safe In these most horrid of times government leaders must make

Tough calls keep us safe

In these most horrid of times government leaders must make imperative decisions in regards to the health, welfare and safety of the residents in their care.

We in New Jersey are fortunate to have at the helm and holding the reins our great governor, Philip Murphy. Unless a person has lost a loved one or dear friend to this virus, many times people do not appreciate the measures taken by Murphy. We fully understand the matters of the economy vs. the consequences of the virus and one would think that the consequences of the virus rank 100 percent.  So, for dining establishments closing at 10 p.m. and bars not permitted to have patrons sit side-by-side is a circumstance that we all have to endure until a vaccine is brought forth.

We are fortunate in our state for the leadership, ability and genuine caring for all that is exhibited by our governor. And for those who are critical, I am sorry that you are temporarily unable to dine out after 10 p.m. or sit at a bar and consume alcohol. Human safety and lives certainly override these type of pleasures at this time and always.

Robert B. Knapp, Jersey City

Thanks, voters, for your support

On behalf of the Education Matters team, I would like to send our sincerest thanks and gratitude at the overwhelming amount of trust and support that was given to us by the voters of the city of Jersey City. Navigating the world of getting the message out and campaigning in the midst of a pandemic and a polarizing presidential election was a difficult and stressful task, but remaining on the Board of Education to continue the positive changes we have put in place to bring our district forward is of the utmost importance to us.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this historic win and for the trust that was placed in our candidates. They do not take this responsibility lightly and understand there are difficult times ahead but are looking forward to putting in the work to address the many needs that were exposed as a result of the pandemic. Our team looks forward to collaborating with district leadership and the rest of the board in making sure every student and family receives the support they need to succeed.

Finally, Lorenzo (Richardson), Gina (Verdibello) and Lekendrick (Shaw) would like everyone to know that our entire team is extremely humbled by the historic number of votes that our team received with all three candidates bringing in over 27,000 votes each, including Lorenzo Richardson bringing in a historic 31,005 votes, which breaks records for more votes than any Board of Education member in the state of New Jersey and more than any elected official in Jersey City history. This signifies an overwhelming amount of trust in our work and we will continue to make the electorate proud as we continue this work for our students and their families.

Mike Greco, Education Matters Campaign Manager

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