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CAMP HILL, Pa., Nov. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This year, the 2021 open enrollment for

CAMP HILL, Pa., Nov. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This year, the 2021 open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace in Pennsylvania runs from November 1, 2020 through January 15, 2021. Ambetter from PA Health & Wellness is available to Pennsylvania residents in 12 counties through the state’s Health Insurance Marketplace, Pennie™. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to place an extra emphasis on health, PA Health & Wellness continues to offer a variety of health insurance offerings that are among the most affordable in the state.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, people rely on health insurance to provide a sense of security and peace of mind that they’re covered,” said Justin Davis, CEO, PA Health & Wellness. “As part of the nation’s Number 1 Marketplace insurer, Ambetter from PA Health & Wellness has the experience and resources to help people when it matters most, and now we’re pleased to provide that same dependable coverage to more people across the state.”

Ambetter from PA Health & Wellness offers increased value, convenient services, and benefits that help make health insurance fit within people’s lives. For those impacted by job loss during the pandemic, Ambetter from PA Health & Wellness provides an alternative that is often more affordable than COBRA, the health insurance program that allows people to continue their employer-provided coverage. While COBRA maintains a person’s existing coverage, they will pay 100% of the cost plus an additional 2% in administrative costs, and subsidies are not available to reduce costs. COBRA will also eventually expire, requiring a person to seek new coverage.

Valuable Rewards Program
Members have access to the My Health Pays® program, where they can earn points for practicing healthy eating habits, moving more, saving smart, and being well. Through the program, members can complete health-related activities and challenges. Members can earn $500 in rewards* in 2021. These rewards can be used for health-related expenses such as copays, deductibles, and more. My Health Pays® also allows members to set and reach health goals at their own pace by providing seasonal suggestions for activities and guidance to help stay on track.

Online Enrollment Assistance
Through the Ambetter from PA Health & Wellness website, people can browse and compare coverage options, determine their eligibility for financial subsidies, and directly enroll in coverage – all from one place. The platform is built for mobile access as well, so people can enroll using their smartphones. If a person is unable to complete enrollment all at once, the system will save their progress and provide reminders to finish enrollment at their convenience.

Access to Telehealth
Ambetter Telehealth provides convenient, 24-hour access to in-network Ambetter healthcare providers for non-emergency health issues. With a $0 copay**, members can get medical advice, a diagnosis, or a prescription via phone or video, without having to leave their homes. The service also allows them to upload images that can support their doctor consultation, and a summary of the visit can be shared with their primary care provider.

Affordable and Reliable Coverage
Ambetter from PA Health & Wellness provides coverage for all of the essential health benefits, including preventive and wellness services, maternity and newborn care, pediatric services, mental health, hospitalizations, prescription drug coverage, and more. Plans also include dental and vision coverage. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Ambetter from PA Health & Wellness also covers the cost of COVID-19 tests and the associated physician’s visit when medically appropriate.

PA Health & Wellness has been serving Pennsylvania since 2017 and currently serves nearly 100,000 participants across its Medicare, Medicaid, and Ambetter plans. Below is the full list of counties in which Ambetter from PA Health & Wellness will be offered: 

  • Bradford
  • Bucks
  • Columbia
  • Delaware
  • Lackawanna
  • Luzerne
  • Montgomery
  • Philadelphia
  • Sullivan
  • Susquehanna
  • Wayne
  • Wyoming

Pennsylvania residents interested in learning more about Ambetter from PA Health & Wellness or enrolling in a health plan during the open enrollment period may visit  

*Restrictions apply. Members must qualify for and complete all activities to receive $500 or more. Login to your member portal at for specifics.

**$0 copays are for in-network medical care. Ambetter does not provide medical care. Medical care is provided by individual providers. $0 Telehealth copay does not apply to plans with HSA until the deductible is met. Click here for more information.

About PA Health & Wellness
PA Health & Wellness is a managed care plan that provides health insurance to the people of Pennsylvania. Established in 2017, PA Health & Wellness exists to improve the health of its members through focused, compassionate, and coordinated care. PA Health & Wellness is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation, a diversified, multi-national healthcare enterprise. For more information, visit   

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