Online Pilates classes offer easy, affordable options for getting in shape at home

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Instead of making a New Year’s resolution and probably not sticking with it, fitness experts suggest making a more reasonable goal. 

The Core Method is one online Pilates program helping people pursue their fitness goals through offering exercises that are easy and affordable online, or through a one-on-one lesson.

Pilates is different from high-intensity workouts in that it’s deliberate and works specific muscles, strengthening people from the inside out.

The Core Method’s Lily Horowitz said they offer videos that work arms and glutes, legs, and of course the core because it is key to everything. 

 “It’s a mindset,” Horowitz said. “I’m always saying it’s not about your six pack.”

Horowitz also teaches kidlates, which gives kids an option while there are less places to play. She said it’s also great for senior citizens, and you don’t need expensive equipment because something as simple as a chair or can of soup can be used for added weight. 

And while Pilates could be part of a New Years’ resolution, Horowitz said it’s better to make it a way of life.

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