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2019-2020 | Online About the webinars Building the capacity of young people is critical to

2019-2020 | Online

About the webinars

Building the capacity of young people is critical to realizing the promise of the Sustaining Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health. Adolescents and young people are uniquely positioned to be effective advocates to hold their governments accountable for the delivery of promises, policies and programs that affect their lives. Now, more than any other time, young people have an opportunity to make sure every adolescent gets counted; and take action to advocate for adolescent health and well-being.

PMNCH in collaboration with key partners, will host a series of webinars with youth-led organizations and other interested stakeholders, to share learnings and best practices around key areas identified by the Adolescent and Youth Constituency.

Adolescent health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Webinar 2: Promoting adolescent mental health and well-being.

Tuesday,13th October 2020 ¦ 9:00-10:30am EDT¦ 3:00-4:30pm CEST

Although the COVID-19 crisis is, in the first instance, a physical health crisis, it has the seeds of a major mental health crisis as well. Psychological distress in populations is widespread. Many people are distressed due to the immediate health impacts of the virus and the consequences of physical isolation. Emotional difficulties among children and adolescents are exacerbated by family stress, social isolation, with some facing increased abuse, disrupted education and uncertainty about their futures, occurring at critical points in their emotional development. School closures added to this toll of social isolation and powerlessness. Urgent action is required to prevent upsurge in the number and severity of mental health problems and negative long-term impact on young people’s health and wellbeing. Join us for the second Live session on ‘Promoting adolescent mental health and well-being’.

Panellists: Chiara Servili, WHO; Joanna Lai, UNICEF; Bhaumika Gupta, GNAV; Ömer Faruk Sönmez, Civil Life Association

Moderation by Audrey Chabveka, Member of Youth Engage (NGO), Harare, Zimbabwe

Webinar 1: School re-opening

Monday, 20th July 2020 ¦ 9:00-10:30am EDT ¦ 3:00-4:30pm CEST

WHO and PMNCH organized the first of a live series on “Adolescent health and well-being in times of COVID-19” to address the most pressing information needs of global adolescents in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The topic of this event centred around School reopening featuring experts from WHO and UNESCO along with personal testimonies from a panel of young students.

Watch the replay here:

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