Recap Of Tania, Syngin, Jovi & Laura Jallali

Episode 12 of 90 Day Bares All featured another appearance by Laura Jallali, as well

Episode 12 of 90 Day Bares All featured another appearance by Laura Jallali, as well as a lie detector test for Jovi Dufren. Did he pass?

Episode 12 of 90 Day Bares All featured fan-favorite couples Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester, Ariela Weinberg and Biniym Shibre, and Yamir Castillo and Chelsea Macek, as well as Laura Jallali and Jovi Dufren. Fans got an inside look at Tania and Syngin’s sex life, as the pair was very open about their kinks. Ariela and Biniyam’s exclusive interview offered another somber look into their love life and where it could be headed in the very near future.

90 Day Bares All also reunited a past 90 Day Fiancè couple: Yamir Castillo and Chelsea Macek. Episode 12 further featured the return of Laura, who talked about her ex-husband, Aladin Jallali, and gave an update on her love life. Then, Jovi took a lie detector test and finally answered a question everyone has been wondering about: whether an ex-girlfriend peed in his bed. The answer may surprise you. 

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Tania Maduro & Syngin Colchester

Shaun Robinson sat down with Tania and Syngin to discuss their time on 90 Day Fiancè: Love Games and their appearance on 90 Day Fiancè: Happily Ever After. But the interview was less a rehash of Tania and Syngin’s previous TV appearances and more a chance for the couple to talk about their sex lives. They talked about their sex dungeon desires, tying each other up, and a whole lot more too-much-information topics, but viewers expect that on Bares All. Even Robinson called their love life exhausting, especially when Tania mentioned their 15-minute “quickies.” 

Thankfully, the episode wasn’t all about their sexcapades. They played a game where they had to pitch tents while answering questions about each other. Tania and Syngin dream of one day living off the grid, so Robinson wanted to test their survival skills. They performed well both on answering questions about each other and getting the tents pitched. The pair stuck around for the next segment, which featured another part of Robinson’s Bares All exclusive interview with Ariela and Biniyam.

Ariela Weinberg & Biniyam Shibre

The previous clips of Ariela and Biniyam’s interviews have shown a relationship on the brink of disaster. Ariela expressed concerns about Biniyam’s parenting skills. Things also got heated between Ariela and Biniyam’s sisters. Another part detailed Bini’s past with an ex-girlfriend. She discussed Biniyam breaking up with her without a real warning, leaving her devastated and confused. Ariela then told Biniyam he needed to own up to his past mistakes in order to grow. This part featured Ariela’s parents, Janice and Fred Weinberg. They discussed missing Ari and worrying about her and their grandchild, Aviel, living in Ethiopia. 

The talk then turned to whether Aviel would ever live in the USA. Ari said she thought about having Aviel attend school there, but Bini wasn’t a huge fan of the idea of moving to the USA. Ari then gave Biniyam an ultimatum about needing to change because, at the rate things were currently going, she wasn’t sure if they had a future together. Tania and Syngin then offered their input and advice. They said Ariela and Biniyam need to both be more open to the possibility of having to one day live in the other’s country.

Laura Jallali

Most people were a bit skeptical of Laura and Aladin’s relationship when they appeared on the first season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Therefore, many were not surprised when they officially divorced. Laura appeared on 90 Day Bares All and gave Robinson a bit more insight into how things went south for her and Aladin. She revealed that, while they were engaged, Aladin was talking to other women, trying to get money from them. She did say Aladin was amazing and charming when she first arrived in Qatar, but the facade soon faded.

As is the Bares All way, the talk then turned to sex. Laura discussed Aladin not being adventurous in bed. Viewers then, once again, saw Laura’s sex shop trip. She also revealed Aladin was uncomfortable with the toys she bought to spice up their love life, and he made her throw her vibrator away. However, Laura fished it out of the garbage bin. She may not have Aladin anymore, but she still has the vibrator. Laura shaded Aladin even more by saying she had to fake an orgasm or two with him. Ouch, RIP Aladin’s ego.

Laura then shared a bit about her love life. She said she was now dating an American, and they have been together for a year and a half. He is even younger than Aladin. Laura and her new boyfriend haven’t met in person yet, but Laura didn’t seem worried about that detail.

Jovi Dufren

Yara Zaya appeared on a previous episode of 90 Day Bares All to discuss Jovi and their relationship. She appeared with his friend Sara, and they discussed Jovi’s past with strippers and more. There was even a clip of Yara confronting Jovi about exes peeing in his bed, which he denied. Robinson decided to get to the bottom of Jovi’s love life rumors by having him take a lie detector test.

Jovi lied about the strippers, but then confessed to sleeping with one. Jovi finally put the rumor of an ex peeing in his bed to rest by passing the test when asked that question. He said the truth was his friend’s girlfriend peed in the bed.

Chelsea Macek & Yamir Castillo 

Fans first met Yamir and Chelsea on 90 Day Fiancè season two. They seemed like a couple determined to last, especially considering all they sacrificed to be together. Unfortunately, Yamir and Chelsea divorced. This episode of 90 Day Bares All was the first time they had seen each other in five years. They talked about Chelsea’s sexuality. Chelsea being pansexual played a huge part in their divorce. 

Yamir and Chelsea also shared how they are both happily in new relationships. Chelsea called her new partner her soulmate, and Yamir said he has been with his girlfriend for years. The episode ended with a musical performance by Yamir.

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