Risks of Using Unprescribed Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines in some consumers may cause liver damage and kidney failure. This can be

Herbal medicines in some consumers may cause liver damage and kidney failure. This can be traced to the toxic chemicals found in most herbal medicines, and sometimes their reaction with other drugs can be very harmful. Some reviews can be misleading; that since herbal medicine is prepared with natural products, so there won’t be any content of chemical or poisonous substance. Therefore, while checking for reviews on-site such as Norskeanmeldelser, always be careful not to jump into conclusion. Herbal medicines are toxic, and they have the potential to cause harm or interact harmfully with prescription medicines.

However, herbal medicine has been proven to help treat conditions like heart attacks, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, premenstrual period, obesity, and many more. So, the damage with most herbal medicine is the misuse of these medications without a prescription, no dosage or quantity of what to take. Does this pose any challenge to health or being fit? Given below are the risk associated with using herbal medicines that are not prescribed.

Changes in Mood

One of the most apparent side effects of the abuse of prescription herbal medicine is the changes in the mood of users. This means the user could be very calm and relaxed for one moment and may seem very irritable soon afterward. Over time, their mood shifts or behavioral changes may appear similar to each other; this is because they build an herbal medicine tolerance, and require more to experience the same good feeling.


Some of those herbal medicines can already be addictive. The risk of addiction swings exponentially when misused. To become addicted to an herbal medicine means you’re physically dependent on it, and you’re developing an uncontrollable craving for it. As you get addicted to it, you will always crave for more and more every time in which it is hazardous to your health. Discontinuing herbal medicine leads to symptoms of withdrawal — physical symptoms such as shaking, nausea, nervousness, and sweating.


Since these herbal medicines can cause driving interfering reactions, such as sedation, automobile accidents are possible. There is also a higher risk of injury because your thinking is impaired. Misuse of medication can also result in a poor judgment that can put you in dicey situations (like becoming a crime victim).

Health Issues

Abuse of the medicines, as mentioned earlier, comes with different dangers. Remember that although misuse of medication is familiar to students, it is seriously unsafe. Herbal medicine is capable of causing decreased cognitive function, slow breathing, infertility, mood changes, choking, and menstrual cycle interruptions. If there is a significant slowing in the breath, there is also a chance of coma or death.

Inability to Sleep or Sleeping Too Much

How it affects a person’s sleep will depend on what prescription herbal medicine is being taken. Some may cause the user to sleep for a long time, while others may lead to insomnia bouts. This side effect can be very irritating to your health.


Anxiety is a pervasive side effect of the abuse of prescription herbal medicine. Research from Iglo concluded that stress would cause the user of unprescribed herbal medicine to appear uncomfortable, nervous, and anxious. People who suffer from severe anxiety will almost always seem worried.