RockFit Reviews – Legit RockFit Smart Fitness Tracker Watch? [Updated]

10/01/2020, Homewood // KISSPR // There is a press release, dated September 11, 2020, concerning

10/01/2020, Homewood // KISSPR //

There is a press release, dated September 11, 2020, concerning the formula. According to the press release, “RockFit is a fitness-tracking wristband that helps consumers to keep an eye on their fitness progress while providing important health data. With an adjustable wristband and large lettering, this wristband is comfortable to wear and easy to read.”

Health awareness among the mass is rising, explaining why many people are wearing fitness trackers or smartwatches with embedded health metrics monitoring features. Tech giants like Apple, Samsung, and niche brands like Fitbit are among the frontrunners in this fast-growing segment. However, not everyone can afford the smartwatch and fitness tracker devices that are priced steeply! If you want a wallet-friendly device that serves both purposes and comes with extensive health metrics monitoring, try the new RockFit watch. 

What is Rockfit?

RockFit watch serves the purpose of both a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. It connects to your smartphone and lets you obtain vital health metrics within a few seconds. The device has enticing looks, and build quality is also excellent. It comes with a lucrative price tag, and the features are on par with expensive rivals. 

What are the top features of the Rockfit Smartwatch?

You buy a smartwatch or fitness tracker, not precisely for exhibiting style! The USP of such specialized gadgets is the features. Thankfully, the RockFit watch is laden with several useful features:

  • Detailed fitness tracking- RockFit watch helps track essential health and fitness metrics. You can figure out steps walked by you per day and the number of calories burnt within a few seconds.
  • Vital health metrics- RockFit watch can be used to measure your heart rate, more or less accurately. If you have a cardiovascular condition, this feature will come in handy.
  • Sleep pattern monitoring- Without adequate sleep, you cannot lead a healthy life. It is during sleep that your body kick starts healing and repairing the damages. RockFit watch tracks your sleeping pattern, and so you can figure out if you are getting the required amount of sleep or not.
  • Alert for laziness- Do you often get into couch potato mode! If the answer is yes, buy this smartwatch. It will alert you when you spend a certain amount of time in one place without making any movement. This ensures you do not get deviated from your fitness goals.
  • Call reception- When the device is linked with your phone, making and receiving calls using it is simple. You can use it for handling calls when you are working out at home, even if the phone is not nearby!
  • Weather-resistant- If you spend a lot of time outdoors or take part in adventure sports, your gadgets have to be durable. In this regard, The RockFit Watch scores quite well. Its build quality is impressive. The device is dust and water-resistant, and so you need not worry about working out outdoors, no matter how the weather is!

Why buy a RockFit watch?

There are many reasons to consider using this advanced smartwatch cum fitness tracker. These are:

  • The majority of smartwatch models come with 2 or 3 health metrics monitoring options. Using them, you can learn about calories burnt per day and steps walked by you, etc. However, RockFit watch offers you much more. Using it, you get to know about your heart rate and blood pressure, along with detailed sleep metrics.
  • People with severe and chronic health conditions remain worried about their vital health metrics changing. With this smartwatch, they get real-time information on critical health metrics without visiting a doctor.
  • It will also be ideal for sportspeople and athletes who are particular about staying fit 24×7.
  • The device is priced reasonably compared to most rival products.
  • It is compatible with Android devices, and you can pair it with an iOS-based device too. 
  • The device is relatively easy to set up and customize. Even if you have not used similar gadgets before, setting it up will not be cumbersome.
  • It offers better battery life compared to most competing products in its segment. In standby mode, it stays on for a week or so, says the company.

How can the Rockfit Watch be charged?

As per the brand website, users can charge the device using a built-in charger. It will fit on most USB cables. The device gets charged pretty fast, and a full charge can be achieved within a couple of hours. You may also connect it to your PC or wall socket with a USB port for easy charging.

How much does the Rockfit SmartWatch cost and where to buy it?

You can buy this versatile smartwatch on the company website. It is priced way cheaper than most typical smartwatch models, as you will find. To buy one unit of RockFit Watch, you have to pay $49.95. There are good deals on bulk purchase, and if you are planning to buy the device as a gift, you may place an order for more than one unit! If you buy two units in the same order, you have to pay $99.90. Three units are sold for just $112.39.

You can make payment online using Paypal or cards. The shipment charge of $9.95 will be added to the unit price. You may also pay $19.98 extra and avail a reassuring protection and replacement warranty valid for a lifetime. If that is not enough, you will be delighted to know the company is offering a hassle-free money-back guarantee effective for 60 days post-purchase.

Summing it up

RockFit may not be a big player in the fitness gadget segment, but its offering is quite promising. The device is suited for a wide range of users who are fitness aware. It is well built and resists dust and water to an extent. The health metrics assessment and monitoring features are quite good. You can pair it with an iPhone or an Android-based device. Charging is an easy and flexible process. The battery life, as claimed by the company, is quite impressive. When it comes to pricing, it trounces most segment rivals. You save a whopping amount by buying multiple units in the same order. The bundled offers, including a lifetime warranty at a nominal cost, is just amazing. The 60-day refund offer is sure to melt whatever skepticism you have in mind!

Any other question or concern can be directed to the customer service team by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling (732) 475-0355.


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