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DALLAS, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “By leveraging The Denali Group’s immense demographics knowledge and

DALLAS, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “By leveraging The Denali Group’s immense demographics knowledge and merging that knowledge with cutting edge technology, Denali has created the most comprehensive, Dental Demographic Study Application in the country… This new technology will help dentists and industry professionals by providing actionable interpreted data and information. No more guessing or assuming the potential of a given radius. And the best part, it’s available 24/7 with instant results!” said Robert Lowther, President of The Denali Group.

Each Denali Group Demographic Study contains a Denali Viability Ranking, dental spending in numerous formats (per capita, per household, per potential patient base), dental services utilization rates (by population and radii), dental expenditures, as well as customized ranking for multi-location studies. The Denali Group Demographic Studies also include all of the standard demographic information, (i.e., income, home ownership rates, education, etc.), The information is formatted in tables, colored maps and an extensive narrative for all types of learners. The Denali Group Demographic Study also tracks the user verified competition information in a table as well as on a map for each area for both the initial and marketing radius so they can see where the opportunities are in the selected radius.

They can then make informed business decisions quickly, research more areas, and access the results instantly from anywhere! All at a very reasonable price point! Ideal for practice acquisitions, sales, startups, relocations, underwriting, business plans, as well as marketing insights for all types of practices and all stages of ownership. “Understanding your demography whether starting a new practice, relocation of an existing practice, or trying to grow your current practice is key to garnering higher ROI on marketing spending,” according to Mr. Lowther.

Until now, these types of studies took weeks and in some cases even months to conduct the research and assemble the Studies. This critical time delay could be the difference in being able to snap up a location for a start-up or a practice acquisition. With information available instantly, they can make informed business decisions quickly.

Denali Group has leveraged decades of experience and demographic research to build an online application that allows the dentist to customize what is important for their practice. The Denali Group Demographic Study can be completed in about an hour or less from their PC or tablet and they receive the completed study instantly. They can even stop and come back later if they need to w/o losing any of their work.

The superior quality and comprehensive nature of The Denali Group Demographic Study is comprised of the best, most reliable, and up-to date third-party sources. We provide them with marketing insight through a detailed list of the competition in each area, and tapestry profiles so they can tailor a targeted marketing campaign to maximize the results in their chosen area.

Our Demographic Study Application will first walk them through a series of questions to determine the type of practice they are looking to open, acquire, relocate or grow. Each response is adjustable based on their tolerances and goals. We have instructional videos to explain each step along the way. Before they are taken to the next step, the application will let them know if the area/s they’ve chosen meet the baseline. If areas do not meet the baseline, they will be given explanations as to why and they can choose new areas to research, or can override and include them.

They are then given the ability to review the practices within each chosen area to determine if the dentists (not just the practice) will be competing for the same patient base. They will have the confidence of knowing what each area holds for their practice so that they can make an INFORMED business decision.

Choosing the most successful location requires demographic information of the highest quality coupled with interpretation of that data to help them make the best-informed business decisions quickly. With this technology they can now receive the critical information and results instantly utilizing the Denali Group Demographic Study application. They get the critical information they need to make informed business decisions. There’s even an explanation video on how to read the study!

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