The first-ever cross border telemedicine platform in the EU, Mobidoctor provides high-quality healthcare at low costs, without borders – Press Release

Making online doctor consultation easier for the people in EU, EEA and the UK, Mobidoctor…

Making online doctor consultation easier for the people in EU, EEA and the UK, Mobidoctor is an online telemedicine platform. Mobidoctor is also the first and only telemedicine platform to be launched across borders in the EU. Making the availability of medicine available at reduced prices, Mobidoctor offers online doctor appointments at only €24.

St Julians, Malta – Searching for a good doctor and making the appointment can be time-consuming, and high-end doctors charge handsome fees. Mobidoctor aims to reduce both these factors; the online platform of Mobidoctor allows the users to signup and make an appointment in merely 60 seconds while charging the fee of €24. This fee is on average ⅓ of the cost to visit a doctor in most of the cities in Europe. An English speaking doctor can be of extreme use when it comes to telemedicine functioning across borders. Mobidoctor has professional and experienced doctors who can communicate effectively in English, thus reducing the distances.

The brainchild of world-class healthcare professionals, Mobidoctor came into existence in Norway and reared in Malta. The unique and innovative ePrescriptions are valid all across the EU, EEA and the UK, thus pruning the gaps separated by physical borders. The users can avail the services and contact the doctors from 8 am to 9 pm, seven days a week. Mobidoctor aims to make the availability 24/7.

One problem that expats in Europe face is that they cannot find a good doctor who communicates in English. On top of being away from home, they can’t find suitable treatment options if they fall sick. Mobidoctor addresses this issue by providing doctors that can communicate in the international language, English, thereby elevating the doctor-patient interaction.

As the platform of Mobidoctor is growing at a fast pace, the team of doctors is increasing. More and more doctors are joining the company, as it provides an ease to them and the users. Mobidoctor is also onboarding specialist psychiatrists to join the team and adding native speaking doctors in Spanish, French, German.

No matter the users’ technological expertise, the platform of Mobidoctor is user-friendly, enabling anyone to use the website and make the doctor appointment quickly. An ideal choice for people looking to see a doctor instantly, Mobidoctor has no waiting time for the users. As soon as the user registers on the website, they can book an appointment and see a doctor via video call to have a personal feel to the consultation.

Providing easy access to the employers and ensuring that their employees receive high-end medical services, Mobidoctor also provides treatment services for a business’s employees. The doctors are readily available to give the employees a doctor’s consultation within minutes, which is exceptionally cost-saving.

Working closely with multiple insurance companies, Mobidoctor helps them streamline their operations and further reduce travel and health insurance costs.

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