The Worst Episode Of Every Season, According To IMDb

Brooklyn Nine-Nine may have found a comfy new home at NBC, but fans and audiences alike

Brooklyn Nine-Nine may have found a comfy new home at NBC, but fans and audiences alike were baffled that the cop comedy was cancelled by Fox at all due to the fact that the show had steadily pulled in high ratings for all 5 seasons it had aired.

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Regardless of always averaging decent ratings, it’s just a fact that every season of television ever made needs to have an episode that’s rated the worst out of all of them, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine is no different.

12 The Tagger, Season 1 (7.6)

Season 1 had two episodes tie for the lowest-rated and they ended up being back-to-back episodes. The first revolved around Jake being tasked with finding the person who was spray-painting male genitalia on Brooklyn’s police vehicles.

However, once he finds the criminal, it turns out to be a teenager – to make matters worse, the teenager is the son of the NYPD Commissioner. Jake has to make the choice between arresting the kid and possibly ruining his career or letting the kid go in order to stay out of hot water.

11 The Slump, Season 1 (7.6)

The episode of season 1 that tied for the lowest-rated dealt with the fact that Jake couldn’t seem to make any new arrests or solve any ongoing cases. The slump continues throughout the episode, causing the entire precinct to start believing that Jake is cursed.

Because of this newfound bad-luck, Holt assigns Jake to desk duty and it bores him out of his mind… which causes his brain to reboot and inspires him on how to solve one of his old cases. Slump over.

10 Chocolate Milk, Season 2 (7.8)

While the first season might have had two episodes tie for the lowest-rated, season 2 doubled it by having four episodes share the title. The first episode among the four centered around Jake and Terry as they tried to solve a stabbing.

However, in the middle of the case, Terry reveals that he’s getting a vasectomy and has Jake drive him to the hospital. When Terry gets all drugged up (and loopy) he admits to Jake that he doesn’t want the vasectomy and Jake stops the procedure from happening.

9 Lockdown, Season 2 (7.8)

The second episode for season 2 was the Thanksgiving episode which found the entire Nine-Nine (save for Terry and Holt) forced to go into a lock-down on Turkey Day due to a mysterious white powder being found in the precinct. Dozens of patrons get stuck in the building as well and begin to cause problems and get rowdy.

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Jake, having been left in charge by Holt, starts to freak out at first but manages to get the situation under control with the rest of the precinct’s help.

8 Defense Rests, Season 2 (7.8)

For the third episode to tie for lowest-rated in season 2 the premise revolved around how Jake was having problems with his girlfriend, Sophia, due to the fact that he was a cop and she was a defense attorney.

Jake tries to win her over by showing up at her work party and impressing her boss, but sadly catches her boss doing cocaine in the bathroom and has to arrest him. Sophia freaks out on Jake for showing up to the party uninvited and ultimately breaks up with him.

7 AC/DC, Season 2 (7.8)

Overworking is an actual thing that some people can’t grasp – case in point, Jake spent this entire episode refusing to stop working a case and ended up injuring himself several times during the course of the episode.

Jake even goes so far as to plan a fake trip to Atlantic City with Charles under the ruse that it’s a vacation when actually he’s trying to track down his perp. Once Jake ends up in the hospital and he gets a firm talking to from Terry, he finally grasps the concept that he has to take a break every now and then.

6 Karen Peralta, Season 3 (7.6)

Audiences had gotten to meet Jake’s father during season 2, but it wasn’t until a year later when they got introduced to Jake’s mother, Karen, during his birthday. His mother not only gets to meet Amy during the episode, but she ends up revealing that she’s dating Jake’s father again (who then appears).

Jake, who hates his father, can’t believe his mother would go back to him and demands that his father break up with her… only for his mom to admit that she knows about all of the terrible things Jake’s father has done and that she’s forgiven him, causing Jake to accept his parents being back together.

5 The Night Shift, Season 4 (7.6)

Just like seasons 1 and 2, season 4 had multiple episodes that took home the lowest-rating for an episode. The first turned out to be a cross-over episode between Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl when Jake has to commandeer a vehicle when a criminal starts to get away, and the vehicle just so happens to belong to Jess (the main character from New Girl).

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The actual episode itself deals with the fact that the entire Nine-Nine is miserable about being transferred to the night-shift and the precinct does everything they can to try and lift their spirits.

4 Captain Latvia, Season 4 (7.6)

The second episode of season 4 that tied for lowest rated was the Christmas episode which followed Charles trying to get a ‘Captain Latvia’ action-figure for his newly adopted son.

Somehow the toy ends up being stolen and distributed by a branch of the Latvian mob in New York City, and Jake and Charles have to track them down before Christmas so that Charles can give the toy to his son in time. They end up not being able to make it in time, so instead Jake gives Charles a policeman action figure to give to his son instead.

3 Return to Skyfire, Season 5 (7.6)

The previous season had introduced audiences to the ‘Skyfire Cycle’, a series of fantasy-novels that Terry and Jake were huge fans of and even had the pleasure of working a case for the author, DC Parlov.

However, when Parlov comes back during season 5 and tells them that somebody stole his new book and was threatening to leak it online, the detectives are appalled when they find out that Parlov and another writer staged the stealing of Parlov’s book in order to gain publicity (and ransom money for the pages).

2 Return of the King, Season 6 (6.5)

Despite what a great character Gina was, this low-rating makes sense. The lowest-rated episode in the entire series centered around Gina’s return to the series… only 11 episodes after she left. Fans barely got to miss Gina before she came back and yet she had already amassed a huge social media presence for herself and had become an online star.

However, her fame had caused her to attract death threats and she ended up getting stabbed by somebody during one of her rallies. This one was just completely out of left field.

1 Debbie, Season 7 (7.4)

Debbie had appeared in the first episode of season 7 and then took part in the Jimmy Jab episode, but nobody expected that she would then steal several assault guns and multiple bricks of cocaine from the evidence locker to give to a crime lord.

Jake and Rosa spend the episode trying to convince Debbie that they also work for the crime lord and that they’ll help her out, but she winds up doing a ton of cocaine and only makes things worse. Eventually, Debbie comes to her senses and helps Jake and Rosa take down the crime lord (but she still gets arrested for everything else she did).

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