Try This 15-Minute Abs Workout from Kelsey Wells’ New PWR Zero Equipment Program

Earlier this year, SWEAT trainer Kelsey Wells debuted a new iteration of her PWR at

Earlier this year, SWEAT trainer Kelsey Wells debuted a new iteration of her PWR at Home Program. The program is all about making exercising from home as accessible as possible using basic equipment. But even though we are multiple months into the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., popular workout items included in her program, such as resistance bands, dumbbells, and ankle weights, continue to fly off of shelves and are consistently back-ordered online. So, to truly make fitness accessible, the trainer crafted a new PWR Zero Equipment program, available exclusively on the SWEAT app, that’s designed to take all the guesswork and barriers out of exercising at home.

Holly Miller posing for a picture: This exclusive workout will give you a glimpse of Wells' new PWR Zero Equipment Program.

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This exclusive workout will give you a glimpse of Wells’ new PWR Zero Equipment Program.

“As a trainer, my top priority is to provide women with the tools they need to empower themselves through fitness, no matter where they’re able to train or what equipment they have,” says Wells. “With the global pandemic, I felt a huge responsibility to create a program that women could do anywhere with no equipment, which is why I am so proud to offer PWR Zero Equipment.” (Related: Try This Full-Body HIIT Workout from Kelsey Wells’ New PWR At Home 2.0 Program)

As the name suggests, PWR Zero Equipment is a 10-week progressive program that requires no equipment whatsoever. It also contains a four-week beginner program for women who’re just starting out on their fitness journey or for anyone looking to get back to basics. (Related: Your Comprehensive Guide to At-Home Workouts)

The exercises themselves gradually increase in complexity and are designed to be completed in small spaces. What makes PWR Zero Equipment unique is that it condenses Wells’ signature 40-50 minute workouts to less than 30 minutes. The program is split into four categories: Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body, and Abs. If you’re short on time, PWR Zero Equipment also offers new express glutes and express abs workouts, which can be done in 15 minutes or less. (Related: This Small-Space Workout Is Perfect for When You’re Too Cramped to Do Anything Else)

Each workout in the program begins with an activation, which includes a circuit of two exercises performed back to back for four minutes. That is followed by a superset, which is made of two rep based exercises that are also performed one after the other for three laps. There’s no rest in between. Next, you move on to a circuit, complete with four time-based exercises that continue to push your muscles and build strength in the target area while maintaining your elevated heart rate. You’ll perform these exercises three times in total. Finally, there’s an optional burnout, made up of one exercise that’s designed to push you to the max. (Related: Torch Your Lower Body with This Five-Move Dumbbell Leg Workout By Kelsey Wells)

Kelsey Wells PWR Zero Equipment Workout for Express Abs



Wells’ says she designed the PWR Zero Equipment program to help you train effectively through a combination of bodyweight strength moves and high-intensity exercises. It also meets you where you are right now in your fitness journey — even if that looks a lot different now than it did before the pandemic. (Related: Now Isn’t the Time to Feel Guilty About Your Workout Routine)

“One of the benefits of bodyweight workouts is that they can be modified to suit a variety of fitness levels,” she says. “By moving through exercises slower or faster or by completing extra reps or laps, you can decrease or increase exercise intensity to meet you where you’re at and suit your fitness level.” (Related: Kelsey Wells Shares What It Really Means to Feel Empowered By Fitness)

Get a taste of the latest PWR Zero Equipment program with an exclusive abs workout designed by Wells for Shape. “This workout will target your surface abdominals [rectus abdominis], obliques, and deep transverse abdominal muscles,” she explains. “The deep abdominals are strengthened through isometric exercises like the plank and are great at stabilizing your core and lower back during movement.” (Related: These Are the Ultimate Abs Workout Moves, According to Trainers)

Keep in mind that this workout does not include specified warm-up moves. That said, Wells recommends squeezing in a short jog, or skipping in place to help activate your muscles and get your heart pumping. When possible, she also suggests doing some dynamic stretches such as arm circles and torso twists to help increase your range of motion and reduce injury beforehand as well.

When complete, Wells encourages three to five minutes of walking to slow down your heart rate. That can be followed by static stretching, which involves holding a single position for twenty seconds or longer. These can help lengthen your muscles and prevent cramping in the long run, she shares.

Kelsey Wells’ PWR Zero Equipment Express Abs Workout

How it works: Perform each of the four exercises for 45 seconds on, and 15 seconds off, for a total of four rounds. Rest for 60 seconds between each round.

What you’ll need: Open space and a workout mat

Scissor Kicks

A. Lie on back, engage core, and raise both legs of the mat so that they’re perpendicular to the ground. This is your starting position.

B. Tuck chin into chest and simultaneously raise right leg and lower left leg, ensuring that neither touches the floor.

C. Elevate left leg and lower right leg making sure spine is imprinted to the ground. This should create a “scissor-like” motion. Continue alternating between right and left.

Complete as many reps as you can for 45 seconds.

Rest for 15 seconds.

Plank and Toe Lift

A. Get into plank positions with forearms pressed firmly into mate Brace core, maintain straight back and ensure elbows are directly below shoulders. This is your starting position.

B. Keeping upper body still, elevate right foot off the mat.

C. Lower right foot down to the mat and lift left toe. Continue alternating between right and left.

Complete as many reps as you can for 45 seconds.

Rest for 15 seconds.

Single-Arm and Leg Jackknife

A. Lie on back with legs extended left arm extended overhead. Right arm should be out to the side to create 90-degree angle with torso. This is your starting position.

B. Lift right leg off the mat to create a 90-degree angle at the hips. Simultaneously, bring left hand towards the right foot while slowly lifting the head, shoulder blades, and torso off the floor.

C. Slowly lower leg and arm and return to starting position without resting them on the mat. Repeat on the other side.

Complete as many reps as you can for 45 seconds.

Rest for 15 seconds.

Russian Twist

A. Sit on a mat with hands clasped in front of chest. Bend knees and position feet on the ground. Keeping feet together, raise feet off the ground and extend legs so they’re almost straight.

B. Twist torso to the right so that the right hand touches the ground. Untwist torso to return to starting position. Repeat, twisting torso to the left. Continue alternating between right and left.

Complete as many reps as you can for 45 seconds.

Rest for 15 seconds.

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