Virtual fitness brings more options to CPA

In these pandemic times, many of us are trying to limit contact with large groups

In these pandemic times, many of us are trying to limit contact with large groups of people as much as possible. We have had to make alterations to many aspects of our lives like working or going to school from home, and for some people, this has also meant moving their fitness routines to their home. 

Though the Basler Center for Physical Activity is still open for use, there are also many virtual fitness classes students and staff can take advantage of from the comfort of their own home. I think this was a great addition from the CPA to give people more fitness options during the pandemic.

ETSU CPA’s virtual group fitness schedule for the spring 2021 semester (Contributed/ETSU Campus Rec Instagram).

If someone is living in a different city because of online classes, they are still able to participate in the free virtual sessions since they cannot work out at the CPA in person.

Along with that, having access to virtual fitness can be a motivator for people to work out because it takes away some of the excuses people often make for not going to the gym.

For example, I hate crowded gyms all the time, even before the pandemic. If I only have time to go to a gym during peak hours when it is busiest, I often will decide to just not go at all.

With access to online fitness, that problem along with several others are solved. Exercising regularly can be an inconvenience, but it can be an outlet that benefits someone in many ways.

In addition to keeping one’s body healthy, exercise can also help with coping with stress, and for me, it is a way to distract myself from my school workload, even if it is just for an hour or so. 

The CPA is offering a variety of virtual fitness options for people to participate in including several types of yoga, pilates, ab and core training and more.

They have classes for both beginners and those with experience, so there is something for everyone. Overall, it is great to see ETSU give people more fitness options during this time.

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