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Montrose got funky on Saturday while celebrating its first FUNC Fest since 2019 at Riverbottom

Montrose got funky on Saturday while celebrating its first FUNC Fest since 2019 at Riverbottom Park.

The festival saw around 5,000 people come and go throughout the day, the city estimated. With more than 40 vendors, food trucks included, the festival more than doubled its usual vendor count, according to Guest Services and Community Events Coordinator Ashley Pietak.

“We saw a huge turnout for FUNC Fest一the community was so excited to get out, gather and enjoy each other,” Pietak added. “It was a great kickoff to the rest of the summer events and they were super excited to get the opportunity to be in the water.”

FUNC Fest hosted a variety of Montrose vendors, from booths selling children’s clothing, to the Center of Mental Health and the Montrose Police Department. The Shavano Conservation District also made an appearance.

The Grand Jun Beverage Company, San Juan Mobile Brews, Bravo food truck, Polar Express Ice Cream Truck, Truckin’ Delicious, HOBO’s Food Truck, Taste of New Orleans Snowballs, CMC Bakery and Corndawg’s Hotdawg Cart were all set up in the food truck court next to the music section of the festival.

The Montrose Recreation District sponsored the kid’s zone near the entrance of the park, the zone a popular destination for families and their children. The recreation district provided two large bounce houses and a dunk tank for the kid’s zone. Local dentist, My Pediatric Dentist, provided families with free face painting for the event.

The Black Canyon Rotary Club provided their annual Beer and Wine Garden, but due to the large number of people attending the festival, had to call in for more kegs of beer.

“They sold more beer and wine in one day than they sold in two days in 2019. It was just a good testament for how many people were there,” said Pietak. “Our food truck vendors were busy the entire time and they ended up running out of food because so many people came out.”

Sports Rewind and Montrose Surf and Cycle both provided rentals for the river throughout the day, from paddle boards, kick boards and anything people could use on the water. There was barely a moment where the river was not being occupied by community members from the time it opened all the way until around 7 p.m., according to Pietak.

“We as the city wanted to give back to our city, so we made sure to hire bands from right here because they haven’t had the opportunity to play for the last year and a half,” Pietak said of the FUNC Fest musical entertainment.

The Brown Family Band, Last Spike, Neon Sky and Dave’s Fault each played a set during the festival, surrounded by community members watching on the grassy lawn and dancing to the music.

The festival was organized by Pietak and other city staff for around two and a half months, a task Pietak is proud they were able to pull off.

“I’m really encouraged and happy to give the community something to do. I think our community has been missing this. Montrose is so community centric they love going out and supporting local events. So many people were happy about having a normal summer event,” said Pietak.

“I think this is a great reminder that summer 2021 is going to be back and full of events.”

Cassie Knust is a staff writer for the Montrose Daily Press.

Cassie Knust is a staff writer for the Montrose Daily Press.

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