Why your toothpaste could be ageing you

Sonic Toothbrush, £110,  Spotlight Oral Care; Interdental Brushes, £3.25 for six, TePe; Pro-Expert Premium Floss, £5.50, Oral-B; Cordless Plus Water Flosser, £55, Waterpik; Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste, £10, Regenerate

What lies beneath your enamel is a rough, tobacco-toned layer called dentine. Therefore, the more I brushed with whitening products, the more matt and yellow my teeth appeared. I’m not saying that all whitening toothpastes are bad, but it’s worth considering that if something is abrasive enough to remove stains, it could also be eroding your enamel.

So, what can you do to keep this glossy topcoat intact? Be mindful of drinks that would stain a white T-shirt, like coffee and red wine, and limit acidic foods by blending citrus fruits with water, for instance. Use interdental brushes to get in between teeth to avoid gum recession and disease, and floss daily, as this will help to avoid staining between the teeth.

As for toothpaste, always check that it contains fluoride (sounds obvious, but some newbies don’t) and steer clear of ones that are abrasive. I have switched to toothpaste tabs, which are all the rage in Scandinavia as they provide the exact dose you need. Pärla Pro Toothpaste Tabs (seen on Dragons’ Den) contain an enamel-preserving ingredient called hydro-xyapatite, which forms the building blocks of enamel, along with vitamins E and B12 (the soft tissues in your mouth are better at absorbing certain vitamins). Or try Regenerate toothpaste, another with remineralising ingredients.

If you find flossing a bore, you could opt for a water flosser, which feels like a spa experience – although all dentists will tell you that old-fashioned flossing is the gold standard. Drink water throughout the day to keep your mouth hydrated, and finally, consider which lipstick you’re using. Warm-toned shades will accentuate yellow teeth, whereas reds and pink with a cool undertone will make your teeth appear brighter. Here are my other favourite oral-care finds.

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