WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Tracking Bitcoin, Client Holiday Gifts, The Office Isn’t Going Away

A Barron’s-ranked advisor team — known at UBS as Turnstone Wealth Management — has partnered

A Barron’s-ranked advisor team — known at UBS as Turnstone Wealth Management — has partnered with EdgeCo to launch NewEdge Wealth, a firm focused on ultrawealthy investors and institutions.

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Getting Covid Vaccines to People Will Cost States Billions They Don’t Have: Federal government is providing vaccines and some supplies, but states must hire medical workers, set up clinics, provide community outreach.


What Is Bitcoin Worth? There Is Little Consensus in Fragmented Market: Digital currency’s resurgence spurs demand for better tracking tools.


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Brazil’s economy continued its recovery after bottoming out in mid-April and that improvement should continue in coming months amid some relaxation of social distancing measures, easier credit conditions, recovering commodities prices and firming global growth, according to Alberto Ramos, an economist at Goldman Sachs. Brazil’s central bank said Monday that its real activity indicator, the IBC-Br, rose 0.86% in October, and the figures for September and August were revised upward. The recovery faces some headwinds, though, from the worsening numbers on Covid-19 infections in Brazil, rising consumer prices, high unemployment and the scheduled end of emergency aid payments to poor Brazilians after December, Ramos said. ([email protected])

The 2.1% month-on-month rise in eurozone’s industrial production in October shows the sector holding up well despite the resurgence of Covid-19 in the region, says Bert Colijn, eurozone’s senior economist at ING. However, with tighter restrictions taking effect in some countries, the turn of the year could see manufacturing slowing further or even contracting again, he says. “We don’t expect similar declines as seen during the first lockdown, but the fate of the manufacturing recovery has become a lot more uncertain for the winter months,” Colijn says. ([email protected])


How to Make Your Client Holiday Gift Mean Something This Year: Companies, with Covid’s toll on their minds, are devoting their holiday gift budgets to something more thoughtful than that giant tub of popcorn.


Investors Turn to SPACs for Clean-Energy Bets: Weary of poor shale returns, investors seek better results from startups focused on battery storage and other emerging technologies.


Why the Office Isn’t Going Away: Remote work is getting a lot of love during the pandemic. But there are reasons to believe it won’t stay that way.


The Fate of Home Exercise Equipment When Covid-19 Ends: Fitness expert Jillian Michaels believes there is room for both the Peloton at home and at least some gyms.


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