The Surprising Ways Climate Change Is Already Affecting Our Health

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“So, I recognize the irony in this analogy,” begins Renee Salas, MD, MPH, an emergency medicine doctor and a fellow at the Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment at Harvard University. “But the effect climate change has on health is kind of like an iceberg. There are the connections research and science has shown us — that’s what’s above water. But there’s probably so much more going on underneath the surface.”

Even considering that, the effects we can see are shocking. “In 2014, we did a survey of physicians at the National Medical Association [a U.S. organization representing African American physicians and their patients]. It found that

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6 ways to increase sperm count and improve male fertility

Exercising may increase your sperm count and help you lose weight. <p class="copyright">Patrik Giardino/Getty Images</p>
Exercising may increase your sperm count and help you lose weight.
  • To increase your sperm count start exercising and eat a healthy diet full of vitamins. 

  • You can also increase your sperm count if you quit smoking and avoid consuming more than two drinks a day. 

  • Those with fertility problems may want to consider taking a D-AA supplement to increase their sperm count. 

  • This article was reviewed by Jason R. McKnight, MD, MS, a family-medicine physician and clinical assistant professor at Texas A&M College of Medicine. 

  • Visit Insider’s Health Reference library for more advice.

Sperm count refers to the amount of sperm per milliliter of semen. Measuring sperm count is usually part of a sperm analysis that also examines the shape of sperm and their motility. All these factors can play a role in a man’s fertility.

It only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg, but

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5 ways you might be screwing up your at-home workouts

Gyms and fitness centers have reopened but for some, exercise is still an at-home activity. Yet without a personal trainer or instructor to tell you your push-up form is wrong, working out at home can be like working out in a vacuum.

Here are some of the most common home workout mistakes teachers and trainers see — and how to fix them:


“What we observed over the quarantine period is that a lot of people resort to randomized programs — stuff they see on social media or stuff their friends are doing — that they simply aren’t ready for,” said Clifton Hempstead, personal trainer and co-founder of Anthos Training Clubs.

Hempstead said a lot of these programs are high-intensity and designed to make you feel exhausted. Instead, he said you should seek out a program that is working toward a goal, with exercises you’re capable of doing.

“A lot

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7 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed How We Shop for Food

Jennifer Flanigan loads up a cart at a Kroger store in West Chester, Ohio on Sept. 7, 2020. (Andrew Spear/The New York Times)
Jennifer Flanigan loads up a cart at a Kroger store in West Chester, Ohio on Sept. 7, 2020. (Andrew Spear/The New York Times)

When the coronavirus hit, even the most enthusiastic cooks had to adjust to a new, more complicated relationship with their kitchens.

For the first time in a generation, Americans began spending more money at the supermarket than at places where someone else made the food. Grocers saw eight years of projected sales growth packed into one month. Shopping trends that were in their infancy were turbocharged.

The six-month shift has been a behavioral scientist’s dream. Shoppers began by building bomb-shelter pantries. Then came a nostalgia phase, with bowls of Lucky Charms and boxes of Little Debbies offering throwback comfort. Soon, days were defined by elaborate culinary stunts, sourdough starter and kombucha clubs.

Although kitchen fatigue is setting in for many, a new set of kitchen habits have

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5 Easy, Practical Ways To Support Your Child’s Emotional Health This Year

Kids might find it more difficult to cope with the pandemic. Here's how parents can help them. (Photo: lakshmiprasad S via Getty Images)
Kids might find it more difficult to cope with the pandemic. Here’s how parents can help them. (Photo: lakshmiprasad S via Getty Images)

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit this past spring, billions of children around the globe were abruptly sent home from school — an anchor in so many ways. Kids have been cut off from friends and loved ones, and yanked away from daily activities and passions. Many have watched their loved ones get sick or have come down with the virus themselves. It has been … a lot. 

Now, as another unprecedented academic year swings into high gear, children are facing more of the same “new normal” that no one asked for.

“We don’t know how long we’re going to be living in this very strange period. For some kids, that mean that they’ve adjusted and things are a little bit easier to manage,” said Kimberly Canter, a

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39 Careless Ways Retirees Waste Money

You’ve worked hard all your life, so you deserve to enjoy yourself in retirement. However, when you live on a fixed income, it’s important to keep track of where every dollar is going and not spend money carelessly. I spoke to financial experts and business leaders to find out the most common ways retirees waste money — so you know what not to do and can make better decisions that enable your retirement savings to last well into your golden years.

Last updated: Sept. 3, 2020

A financial advisor can be a great asset when it comes to retirement planning, but make sure you’re not paying them higher fees than you need to be.

“Investment fees can run 1-2% of your assets. For retirees with a million dollars invested that’s $10-20k a year,” said speaker, writer, teacher and financial coach Jillian Johnsrud. “If you’re only getting an hour check-in per … Read More

Six Easy Ways to Go Above and Beyond for Your Houseguests

Getty / SolStock

One of the great joys of staying in a luxury hotel is, well, the luxury. The staff put together a collection of small surprises that are designed to make you feel spoiled (think plush robes and slippers, daily newspaper deliveries, and treats left on your pillow). You look forward to these small indulgences, so why not give your houseguests the same treatment when they come to stay? As event planner Lauren Grech, the CEO and co-founder of LLG Events, says, “If you’ve ever dreamed of running a bed and breakfast, having overnight guests is your chance to live out that dream without all the commitments of actually running an inn!”

Today, however, there is an element of safety to consider whenever you bring someone outside of your immediate circle into your home due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to making your guests feel welcome, it’s also

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9 ways to prepare for the next COVID-19 lockdown

After giving up spring break and summer barbecues, cooped-up Americans are looking forward to the day when things go back to normal. But COVID-19 isn’t like a natural disaster that strikes once, then fades away.

Several states have paused or walked back their plans to reopen, as new hot spots emerge and the number of active cases remains high.

Now health experts are warning that a second round of lockdowns may be necessary as the fall flu season begins, classes resume and cool weather drives people into cramped indoor spaces.

still feeling drained after round one.” data-reactid=”35″Even a series of smaller, more localized lockdowns could spell trouble for Americans’ livelihoods, especially for those workers still feeling drained after round one.

But you still have time to prepare. Here are nine things you can do to protect your finances ahead of a second wave.

1. Keep saving

As the first

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42 Easy Ways To Save For Retirement

Almost 46% of Americans have no money saved for retirement, according to a recent GOBankingRates survey. Some Americans who haven’t prioritized saving for retirement say it’s because they have too many financial obligations or aren’t making enough money to start saving.

Although saving for retirement might seem like an impossible task, there are many easy ways to build that fund. You just have to get started or refocus your efforts and keep going. Use these tips to help grow your retirement savings to $1 million and beyond.

Last updated: Aug. 31, 2020

1. Put 15% of Your Salary in Savings

Ideally, you’ll start doing this with your first paycheck. If 15% feels like a big number, start small and gradually increase the percentage over time. The more time you have to save, the more time the money has to accumulate and earn compound interest.

2. Take Your Employer’s 401(k) Match

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17 Surprising Ways Penny-Pinching Costs You More

It’s hard to resist seemingly good deals when we see them, whether it’s a bargain home in a pricey neighborhood, a tempting cable company promotion or a $10 T-shirt. But sometimes deals that seem too good to be true actually are. Although the initial investment might be low, it could end up costing you in the long term, whether through maintenance costs or missed opportunities to put your money toward a more worthwhile purchase.

you’re hunting down deals and steals, you want to make sure that they’re ones that will pay off.” data-reactid=”18″GOBankingRates spoke to financial experts to find out which seemingly “good deals” you should always avoid. After all, if you’re hunting down deals and steals, you want to make sure that they’re ones that will pay off.

You might be able to find a great … Read More